Showfoto logo Showfoto is a stand alone Photo Editor based on digiKam Image Editor. Showfoto is a part of digiKam project. digiKam bills itself as a digital photo management application, but it offers much more. We show you how to get started with this cool tool. Maybe I am misunderstanding something; but, it is my understanding that there is a pdf instructions manual that one must install in DigiKam.

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Choose the location on the map or enter the coordinates manually and press Ok. Select the hanfbook from the list or by creating a new album with New Album. The Uploading Progress Dialog Preview.

Aside from organising your photos, the first thing you’re likely to do once you have imported an SD card full of pictures is to figure out which of the group are the really good ones, and especially choose between several very similar shots of the same subject.

Image improvement plug-ins also sigikam red eye reduction, speck removal and hot pixel removal.

For a comprehensive description of the options, refer to http: Decide whether to rename or overwrite the original images, or even have them removed after the transformation has taken place. Digikam is mostly in the enviable position of being basically stable, with new releases being primarily minor fixes and upgrades.

Determine the location of your new album inside the gallery.

Install DigiKam pdf manual ???

Levels Adjust Use this option to control multiple levels and to check the resulting image in just one tool. It promotes a different workflow and does not have the extensive compositing features that GIMP has. Of course, you can also use this tool to achieve the opposite effect if you need to brighten up an image that has been taken at low light conditions and handbokk far too much color saturation. After creating your tag, assign it to the desired pictures. Your Camera is not Officially Supported by digiKam Try gphoto2 –list-cameras and the information at http: Watching picture locations on the map.


It has fine-grain settings tuned to let you see your work in a variety of ways. If you do not want the new images to be written to the original folder, select New and add a new folder or subfolder. The far right edge of the window has a number of tabs attached which can be used to digimam important information about your images, or to manipulate certain image-related data:.

The Main Window of Digikam. Provides an all-inclusive treatment to images exhibiting various digital defects, such as noise and scratches.

Chapter Managing Your Digital Image Collection with DigiKam

Any image collection soon becomes unmanageable if you do not find a means to easily search for the images you need and find them. Upload the images to the new album with Add Photos. Search the Map Click on the Map Searches tab on the left side. Properties takes you to a window consisting of three tabs providing general information, EXIF information, and the histogram of this image. With Free Rotationspecify any angle you want.

Unless there’s some exciting new feature that’s only available in the latest version of Digikam, it’s usually easiest to take the most recently approved version that http: Specify a name for this search and Save Current Search by clicking the save button.

  AWS G500 PDF

The results of your search are displayed in the digiKam window. Managing digital photographs in Linux is very straightforward. Adjust the perspective of an image. The rest is done by Digikam. To create an HTML export of your image collection, proceed as follows: Activate a slide show or full screen view of the selected image. It’s got lots of great features, and this article has only touched on the basics. Now you are looking for an easy way to generate an overview of all pictures ever taken of animals.

The light table interface also has facial recognition overrides. The first time it is run, Digikam asks where to store your photo album.


The Email Images Dialog To view a single image, browse to your album or collection and click on your image to display it. Confirm with Ok to start the download process. BlurSharpen Tweak the sharpness of your image or smooth it. Image Composition example using Golden Sections 3. Y Ratio These ratios match most of the common paper sizes used to print photographs.

diigikam Search for image properties like date, rating, file size, color depth and a lot more. Rotate, Flip, Free Rotation Rotate your image to a certain degree.

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