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LOGIC CARTRIDGE VALVE – DIN 1/3. L09 03/ Type. Size. Max pressure. Area ratio. ICLI DN bar. 1: 1: 1: 1: /S. ICLI ARON cartridge valves are basi- cally composed of a cover and an operating unit insert in the ISO (DIN ) mounting frame. Each cartridge valve is. (). (). (). (). (). () () () () () (). * only together with d4 max and t4 max. Installation Dimension as per DIN

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Bidirectional flow capability, simplifies manifold block design. For dimensions of CVGC-3 module see pageand for adjustment types see page Similarly, drilled control lines in the manifold interconnect control ports X, Z1, and Z2 as desired, see pages and for port locations to ISO Thus by controlling flow through the pilot valve, the main poppet can be controlled in any position from fully closed to fully open.

Normally, with the flow rate through the proportional throttle being less than the pump delivery, excess pump flow will be by-passed through the cartridge insert flow A to B to reservoir. A basic cartridge valve insert, Figure 3, consists of a sleeve, spring, and poppet. Size 03 pilot control valve to be ordered separately.

Figures 39 and 40 show the dni of proportional throttles to ISO Difficult dn could mean that extra screening may be necessary to avoid the interference. Cartridge valve systems will become more cost effective if some of the following design parameters are significant. Sizes 16 to 40 A model N cover don used with a D insert 1: Top dun of cover 3,0 0. Contact your Vickers representative for further details.


To determine the pressure drop for any given viscosity, multiply the published value by the factor applicable to the required viscosity.

F to remove valve Torque plug to 20—24 Nm 15—18 lbf ft 44,0 1.

Royal Hydraulics – Cartridge Valves

This pressure must be equal to the pressure setting of the unloader pilot stage to initiate unloading; the system pressurizes again when this pressure drops by approx. Engineers faced with a system design problem should consider all 2434 before deciding on a particular solution. Cracking pressure, bar idn L – 0,3 4. This slot, together with a metering edge inside the sleeve, forms a variable orifice between the inlet of the valve and the volume above the main poppet 3.

Cartridge Valves Slip-in Cartridge Valves to ISO 7368 (DIN 24342) Vickers

However, leakage can pass through the diametral clearance between area AP and port B. The X pilot port of the cover is connected to the B port of the insert.

Idn Z1 Orientation pin Type K: Turn cw to increase pressure setting; ccw to reduce setting 2 holes for attachment of CVI insert nameplate Y See page for information on bolt sizes, bolt kits and assembly torques X Location for fixed orifice X Type K only: Fully interchangeable with conventional cartridges. Ein the main poppet opens, the variable orifice area increases. System pressure at A PFigures 23 and 24, is determined by manual pilot adjustment.


For full technical details of this valve including types of electrical conections, see catalog Because cartridge valves are two-position valves, a single valve can control flow between only two major flow points in a system.

Slip-In Cartridge valve, ISO (DIN )

Generally, slip-in valves are associated with relatively high flows, i. Adjustable stroke limiter; uni-directional control. Other orifice combinations can be provided to meet individual requirements of customer installations.

For flow B-A, poppet drilled from B. Kit contains three of each orifice and plug indicated. Torque to Nm lbf ft Port B Size 03 pilot control valve to be ordered separately.

CVIHFV Configuration

A model CVGC-3 module is available for use with dual solenoid pilot valves to obtain two pressure settings and a vent Electrically controlled proportional pilots provide infinitely variable pressure settings over a wide pressure range, achieved by using either a D3 cover or a remote pilot.

For instance, a cartridge cover can be changed to control poppet time and idn, thus controlling actuator acceleration dn speed. See page for sizes of factory-fitted standard orifices. Others provide flow restrictions between ports A and B and internal pilot orificing between port A and spring chamber AP.

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