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European Standard EN has the status of a DIN Standard. DIN , July edition, has been superseded by the. DIN Hollow Sections for Structural Steel Engineering Cold Formed Welded 20t Hollow section DIN 59 – St – 70×70×4 in manufacturing lengths. EN , EN CE MARKED, EN , EN , EN , EN , BS , API 5L, ASTM A53, ASTM A , DIN , DIN

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In case of steel qualitis the most common structural qualitis available such as the most specific boiler ones.

The dim of steel tubes for precision applications is the high precision of their manufacturing, the good quality of their surface, and the guaranteed mechanical and technological properties. Further information on data protection. In both welded tube typs there is a possibility to produce and adjust unique and customised wall thickness, outside diameters different from the standard.

DIN(Deutsches Insititut for Normung) Tube-Technical information-Embedded Finned Tube

Flat steel as per DIN Please send Your demand to us! We use cookies to help you get the most out of our website. The outside diameter sortiment of the welded tubes is untill mm in case of spiral welded tubes and untill mm in case of longitudinally welded tubes.


Hot-rolled profiles with milled edges in lengths of up to 6 metres. Flattening test or expansion test option O mm Szabvanyok: We can provide all diameters for lengths up to 6 metres at short notice. Cold drawn and annealed.

We provide all profiles with lengths of up to 20 metres at short notice. Angle steel Equal-sided and unequal-sided angle steel according to DIN EN 10 and -2 in lengths of 6 and sometimes also 12 metres. Welded pipes for precision applications are manufactured in the process of cold drawing.

To customised demands Standards: After final thermal processing, appropriate drawing. One per tested batch.

After the final cold drawing process, the pipes are annealed in a controlled atmosphere. Ouc company can supply boiler tube parts onto the boiler tubes 59141 well like elbows, bottoms, reducers, flanges. Our welding manufactory and our internal factory production control are certified according to EN This increases the quality of the services we can offer to our customers when supplying reinforcement products.

A hegesztett csovek 599411. You can ask our staff about the availability of individual diameters and lengths in person. We deliver all profiles up to 20 metres in length at short notice.


Steel trade and processing

NDT of the weld in order to identify any longitudinal discontinuities. That is why the pipes are widely used in the machining industry and in the automotive industry.

Inspection or test type.

A spiral hegesztett es hosszhegesztett csoveket els. Equal-sided and unequal-sided angle steel according to DIN EN 10 and -2 in lengths of 6 and sometimes also 12 metres.

Chemical composition ladle analysis. NDT in order to detect any leaks.

Flat steel Flat steel as per DIN All profiles can, of course, also be delivered primed or galvanised. We will gladly saw you fixed lengths based on your specifications.

Inspection and test list. After the final cold drawing process and annealing thermal processing in a controlled atmosphere. Maximum values depending on the delivery condition. Our boiler tubes are available in welded and seamless and also in carbon and stainless type.

Our spiral and longitudinally welded tubes used mainly at the machinery, building an energy sectors. Without thermal processing, after the process of cold drawing is finished.

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