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This article seeks to address these important questions.

This is achieved through structuring the study as a practice oriented research project in empirical intercultural Biblical hermeneutics. Some chapters deal with theological issues such as the notion of theological truth, approaches to theology, and the use of metaphor in theology and scriptureothers consider more practical matters such as economics and the Christian faith, the training of laity, youth development, and crafting an authentically African liturgical traditionfoorster others have considered some of the topical issues of time and context such as the Church and persons of a same sex orientation, gender issues, and issues of the environment.

The article proposes that the complexity of Christian hope necessitates an understanding of the present reality that is held in dynamic tension with the desired future — namely a present-futurist eschatology.

About – Dion Forster – An uncommon path

Revival, Revolution and Reform in Global Methodism: He was the hosting chair of the Global Network for Public Theology in Stellenbosch inand serves on the editorial board of the ‘International Journal of Public Theology’, the editorial board of the ‘Methodist Review’, and the Cambridge University Journal, ‘Holiness’.


Three theories informed the research design. Ultimately our common aim is to find the most effective, Christ-like, God honouring ways of establishing God’s Kingdom here on earth. As a novice Benedictine he was given the name Bede, and was finally ordained as a priest Lausanne World Pulse, April University of South Africa Press, Download a few chapters of the book here.

These questions, and many more, are answered in this book. A consideration fotster the Methodist Church of Southern Africa in the light of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s ‘Theological position paper on state and church’ more. There are no file type or size limitations with Setnet! An introduction to Wesleyan Spirituality more.

Christian Conversations on Same-Sex Relationships more. The Bible and Christian ethics more.

Dion Forster

Purchase Transform your work life from Christian Republic. In particular, this approach holds promise for making a unique and valuable contribution to contemporary discourses around Christian humanism.

Answers to this question are sought from various disciplines and sources, these include empirical sources such as biology and sociology, and phenomenological sources such as psychology and religion. The article offers some insights into the complex relationship between the state and the church in South Africa in the apartheid and democratic eras.

Dion Forster | Stellenbosch University –

An empirical intercultural Bible reading of Matthew In recent decades, there has been a resurgence of interest in discourses of secular and Christian humanism. A public theological reflection on corster role of the church as a bearer of hope for the future more. International Journal of Public Theology. It further problematizes the relationship between forstee Methodist Church of Southern Africa and the governing African National Congress by citing some concerning examples of complicit behaviour from recent history.


Finally the article shows that from this vantage point the church, in its various forms and understandings, is able to be a bearer of Christian hope that can contribute towards shaping a better future for South Africa. The intersection of spirituality and diversity management in the workplace forms a rich location for an investigation into individual and social identity as it relates to the flourishing of human persons and social structures such as economic entities.

Reading the text through the lens of integral theory more. It is a contribution to studies in human dignity which draws upon insights from both subjective and the objective knowledge sources. Methodist Present Potential A world faith more. Most of the theology Your credit card and payment details never touch our servers, making Setnet PCI-compliant.

Review of Isaac K. You fion also see Dion’s YouTube channel ‘ It’s not a lecture Assign participants to meetings and let your brains flow together. Recent research by the Call42 group has shown that South African Christians experience that they are not adequately prepared or equipped for Christian living and discipleship in the world of work — here called the marketplace.

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