Principles of Esoteric Healing. Front Cover. Dion Fortune. Sun Chalice Books, Sep 1, – Body, Mind & Spirit – pages. Title, Principles of Esoteric Healing. Author, Dion Fortune. Editor, Gareth Knight. Contributor, Gareth Knight. Edition, 2, illustrated. Publisher, Thoth Publications. Principles of Esoteric Healing by Dion Fortune, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Two books in one. Dion Fortune herself also published a series of mystical meditations upon the Collects of the Anglican church. She would have gone on writing in much the same way that she always had – by a balanced exposition of the three fold way.

The resemblance of heaoing villainous Hugo Astley in The Winged Bull to the Mega Therion suggests that she was not entirely impressed by Crowley as a person but if he was aware of the parallel it would probably have amused rather than irritated him.

I have no time to develop it in depth but can give a few pointers to crisis points in the past where one can see the sparks fly. The stories are for the most part imaginative constructions based on received esoteric principles as understood at the time, but the opening one, Blood Lust, is closely based on her first mind blowing encounter with Moriarty and observation of his methods.

It is a seminal work for those treading the path of the Western Mystery Tradition. The Esoteric Orders and their Work This might be regarded as a mission statement when Dion Fortune was about to launch her own Esoteric Fraternity upon the world. During this time, Knight founded his own esoteric school which continues today as of However they may rate in terms of esoteric or commercial success or failure, the novels were an interesting and courageous literary experiment and have proved to be a lasting monument in genre fiction.

There is nothing that tends to throw this problem into glaring light as the so-called purple ray of devotional mysticism. There is much occult teaching in its pages. She engages him to restore and decorate an old sea fort.


To appreciate some of the thinking behind the experiment we have to cast our minds forrune to the general atmosphere of secrecy that was very much principlee part of the Western Esoteric Tradition in those days. Daniel, 96pp The Soya Bean: After introductory chapters that set down some basic esoteric concepts for the beginner she discusses and explains the esoteric aspects of relationships, not only in marriage and partnerships but also in groups and families.

Principles Of Esoteric Healing

It is in some ways a transitional book, combining elementary esoteric theory relating to the seven planes with her earlier concerns about social and sexual problems as a psychotherapist.

Here, through telepathic means, she attracts the service of a dour, repressed, yet psychically gifted Dr. I was prepared to accept all this as a necessary cleansing period prior to building up the structure of the lodge again. Central to this is one of the first books that Dion Fortune wrote, on a high cosmic trance contact, The Cosmic Doctrine dating from July to February This little book, fortuje some may find slightly risible in the context of contemporary mores, is one of the first results.

It begins at the very beginning: Plenty of revelations of esotreic take on the practices of the Left-hand Path, risks of ceremonial magic, the pathology of non-human contacts, the nature of hauntings and the reality behind ancient legends of the vampire, as well as elusive psychic elements in mental illness, including methods, motives and physical aspects of psychic attack and defence.

Firth] The Soya Bean [as V.

Principles of Esoteric Healing – Dion Fortune – Google Books

She continued to write them from her home in London throughout the Blitz. It has never been out of print since first published and deservedly so.

These three Ways can be equated with the three Paths that depart from Malkuth as we healinv earth consciousness on the Tree of Life and visualise the three immediate Sephiroth in their Queen Scale of colours: Gareth Knight] When the 2nd World War broke out in it called a halt to many of the activities of Dion Fortune’s Fraternity, with restrictions on public meetings and difficulties of travel, to say nothing of the London blitz in which her headquarters was bombed.


The Sea Priestess [fiction] Thought by some to be the most evocative of Dion Fortune’s novels we are introduced to her most powerful and heallng female character, the adept Vivien Le Fay Morgan, the reincarnation of an Atlantean sea priestess, who meets the ineffectual Wilfred Maxwell, hen-pecked by his mother and sister, who is in the throes of a midlife crisis.

It has been my privilege to sort through much of this recently with a view to book publication.

Ted Murchison, a former army officer in Princi;les, has drifted aimlessly since being demobbed and wanders into the British Museum rather than go home to his dreary clergyman brother and his wife. Its Qabalistic equivalent might be regarded as a higher analogue of the Moon associated with the Sephirah Daath — which certainly seems to be the state of consciousness of the two at the climax of the book and of their ritual. The Psychology of the Servant Problem [as V.

Principles of Esoteric Healing

In order esoterif fulfil his desire he buys an old monastery to convert into a temple for Pan. The Great God Pan is the goat fortjne god of the title and here as in the last novel, The Winged Bull, there is a three way relationship of an older man overseeing the relationship of a younger man and woman, as well as acting as instructor in the magical arts.

Those edited by Gareth Knight are published by Thoth Publications.

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