Diplopia by Paul Vigil – EFFECT: From the creator of Ladybug. A deck is borrowed and shuffled. The spectator and magician boththink of. DIPLOPIA $ A participant’s deck is borrowed and shuffled. This is a completely free choice. With no questions asked, the performer finds the spectator’s card. Diplopia. Written by Paul Vigil. Work of Paul Vigil. 31 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished Illustrated with photographs. Language: English.

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The Magic Cafe Forums – Review: “Diplopia” by Paul Vigil

A high rating means he has no idea. Four-Sight By Syd Bergson. Which is funny, because I was jamming with my magic gang a couple of days before and I was having some difficulties with some very basic life skills. I keep losing track of what does what, lol! It takes up the exact same amount of pocket space that I normally designate for business cards, but I now have diplooia great closing effect for my set.

From the creator of Ladybug. Lots of praise in them. Card Magic View Comments.

If I could wear a deck of cards on my finger, I probably would, lol. Furthermore, it is within the grasp of anyone interested. I love this trick. What I did, was I always kept it in my pocket with another bill. Jamie shows us an American one-dollar bill, right? He waved his hand, and the pack was now full!


This item is a digital download ,Gimmick not included. The “Oh look your card is on top” tricks! This is the best card effect I know and my background is in cards. Then in an instant all four pieces join together but in the wrong order leaving the spectator with a mismatched photo with their signature! From the creator of Ladybug.


After the first phase he was so smug and demanded to see it again. This is a completely diploipa choice. Congratulations on another a- a- Oh no!

Steve This effect hits the hardest, if you can borrow a deck of cards. If you have any comments, concerns or submissions please email me or contact via this new thing called the World Wide Web. This is perfect for walk around since I won’t have to diplo;ia about a set up. I really look forward to more books and products coming out of the Vanishing Inc Publishing company. A nice idea, but pretty impossible. It was like Bruce Lee stuff! I’ve shied away from this effect, though, for two reasons: A double mentalism effect unlike anything you have seen before.

  7MBP50RA120 09 PDF

VcosNJ Inner circle Posts. The mind is a wonderful thing. IMHO, to make this a true worker, you need to be able to think fast. This is a completely free choice.

It truly is a powerful piece of mentalism; and when they reveal they picked your thought of card I bought it but have not had the chance to read through it yet.

I almost had me an Vigol Loompa!

When Paul finally got tired of diplopiia begging to know the method I was even more impressed at how clever it really was.

I think this is swell.

Paul Vigil | Paul Vigil Shop

This will only make sense if you own the effect. Dim Mak by Scott Xavier. I might have to bust out a TT trick next week to give him a break.

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