Category: fragrance agents. Recommendation for dipteryx odorata bean extract flavor usage levels up to: not for flavor use. Identity. Top of page. Preferred Scientific Name. Dipteryx odorata (Aubl.) Willd. Preferred Common Name. tonka bean. Other Scientific Names. Dipteryx odorata is a large tree endemic to South America; it is found in Brasil, Bolivia, Colombia, Guyana, French Guyana, Honduras, and Venezuela. It has a.

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In our days, pipes have largely fallen into disfavour and become substituted by cigarettes which are also on decline in many Western countries ; tonka-flavoured tobaccos have, thus, become a rarity. Publisher Weinheim Year ISBN – Description An excellent and very comprehensive guide but it only gives very short descriptions of the uses without any details of how to utilize the plants. Coumarin is toxic and causes serious though reversible liver damage in high dosages or if applied regularly over some time; toxic doses range around one gram, but some individuals are more suceptible.

Succeeds in a wide range of soils as long as they are well-drained, though it prefers a well-drained gravelly or sandy acid soil with ample rainfall and humidity[]. Succeeds in full sun or light shade[ ].

Dipteryx odorata

Until their research, it had been assumed unlikely that any Amazonian tree could live to old age due to the conditions of the rain forest. The fragrant seeds are a rich source of coumarin.

It has a very appealing natural color variation and is considered quite durable as it has a rating on the Janka hardness scale. The somewhat oily nature of the wood and its hardness allow its use for bearings, cogs, shafts, and other uses in place of lignum vitae, where friction wear is a problem.


Our new book to odorat released soon is Edible Shrubs. Always seek advice from a professional before using a plant medicinally. This page was last edited on 15 Decemberat diptdryx Coumarin is bitter to the taste, however, and, in large infused doses, it may cause hemorrhages, liver damage, or paralysis of the heart.

Publisher Kampong Publications, California. Last update on Its use is banned in some countries because of the possibility that coumarins can cause health problems – see notes above on toxicity[ ]. Coumarin crystals are visible below the epidermis of the seed. International Institute of Tropical Agriculture.

The PFAF Bookshop

The regulations are criticized as unreasonable due to the unlikelihood of consuming enough coumarin to cause ill effects and due to the presence of coumarin in unregulated foods. The tree grows up to 25—30 meters, with a trunk of up to one dipetryx in diameter. Population structure of two low-density neotropical tree species under different management systems. Not for the casual reader. Sensory dipterhx Sweet and hay-like, very strong. It is an extremely hard and heavy wood, similar to lignum vitae Guaiacum spp.

Coumarin, however, does not have anticoagulant properties. It has come out of use, though. Bark contains isoflavones and umbelliferone[ ]. It contains diptdryx on more than 3, taxa from the Americas – from Arctic regions odorat the Tropics. This is a QR code short for Quick Response which gives fast-track access to our website pages. It makes excellent wood for railway crossties and posts, for it is durable and does not split when exposed to the elements[ ].

Please view the copyright link for more information. Coumarin glycosides occur in several plants; on wilting or drying, coumarin is liberated. Small quantities have been shipped into the United States for high-grade face veneer[ ]. It can fix Nitrogen. Dipteryx odorata is an evergreen Tree growing to 30 m 98ft by 20 m 65ft at a medium rate.


The bark is astringent and febrifuge. Best sown in situ or in individual containers, since seedlings do not transplant well, fresh seed germinates in about 6 weeks[ ].

Dipteryx odorata Tonka Bean, Brazilian Teak PFAF Plant Database

The most important importing country is the United Stateswhere it is used especially in the tobacco industry. Other common names include Brazilian Teak, Kumaru, and Cumar? We are currently updating this section. Prefers a pH in the range 5.

See also cassia for coumarin limits in German food laws. A coumarin-like flavouring can be extracted from the seed through a process of fermentation[ 46]. Another ironical twist is that at about the same time, the comparatively low coumarin content of cassia became a regular issue of public concern, making headlines every year shortly before Christmas.

For more information about QR Codes click here. Forest Ecology and Management The texture is fine; lustre medium; the grain irregular to often interlocked; no distinctive taste but a faint dopteryx or rancid odour; a waxy or oily feel is also a characteristic pdorata the wood[ ]. Available for download from the Internet. They have a strong fragrance similar to sweet woodruff Galium odoratum due to their high content of coumarin.

The ditperyx pests are the bats because they eat the pulpy flesh of the fruit. The bark is astringent and febrifuge[ ].

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