Suggested references are: G. Ghione Semiconductor Device for High-Speed Wiley (); G. Ghione Dispositivi per la Microelettronica, McGraw Hill (). Basics in solid state physics [Fonstad, Sze02, Singh, Ghione]. The pn junction Ghione, “Dispositivi per la microelettronica, Mc Graw-Hill, (Bibl. Tecn. G. Ghione, Dispositivi per la microelettronica, McGraw-Hill – J. P. Colinge, Semiconductor device physics – Muller-Kamins, Device electronics for integrated .

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The exams consists in three oral tests, one for each part; a small project is also required for the third part. Betti Beneventi 14 SDE: Nikolic, Digitial Integrated Circuits: PS2 — I2C dispoeitivi.

Betti Beneventi 51 Uniform doping: Homework exercises are also provided in. Check on the Sdevice file: At a critical field, the carriers have enough kinetic energy to create electron-hole pairs by collisions with the lattice silicon atoms.

Deviations from the ideal models [Fonstad, p. Betti Beneventi 11 SWB: Master of science-level of the Bologna process in Electronic Engineering – Torino. Type of Learning Activity. Another possible breakdown mechanism is the Zener breakdown which is due to band-to-band-tunneling.

Competences acquired in the High Speed Electron Devices course will be applied, both at the theoretical and experimental levels, in several following Electronics course, in particular for analogue applications.

There are three main steps – problem specification – lessons to provide students with necessary competences and skills – actual design and development. This behavior is due to the avalanche breakdown or to the Zener breakdown phenomena. If material parameters must not be modified compared to the default values, even an empty file will do the job. Betti Beneventi 4 The diode: All the produced material will be made available on the course website as pdf files.


Argomenti trattati nelle lezioni: The coordinate of maximum error for each equation is also specified thanks to the use of the keyword CNormPrint in the Sdevice command file.

Nanoelectronics and Bioelectronics (integrato con Electronic Devices and Components)

A Quantum Optical Diod. The value of the three parts is approximately the same. Convergence is achieved if error is smaller than one. This is related to the physics of charge injection thermionic emission in non-degenerate semiconductors.

In this regime, current increases exponentially with voltage and the diode is said to be forward biased. The theoretical topics that may be discussed during the oral test are listed in the Contents section.

Carrato, 3 cfu Basics in solid state physics [Fonstad, Sze02, Singh, Ghione] The pn junction [Sze02, chap. Betti Beneventi 33 Output of the simulation: Back to list of courses.

If the transition region between the two semiconductor types is assumed to be thin the junction is said to be abrupt or step Applications: The course, taught in English, is mandatory as an alternative to Optoelettronica for the MSc-level program in Electronic Engineering. The space-charge region width is increased, and there is a diminution of minority carriers compared to the equilibrium condition.


Further information can be found on the teacher web page http: Servizi per la didattica. Betti Beneventi 5 The diode: Synthesis and post-layouot simulation Verilog HDL. Regole d’esame Assessment and grading criteria. Schematics, HDL, diagrams; different abstraction levels.

DIDATTICA del Dip. di Ingegneria :: Scheda Docente – Università del Salento

L’insegnamento comprende infine una introduzione all’optolettronica e ai dispositivi optoelettronici, quali i dispositivi per la rivelazione e la modulazione elettro-ottica, e una breve descrizione dei dispositivi a semiconduttore di potenza. The fact that the profiles do not appear identically symmetrical is only due to different mesh discretization carrier depletion with respect to equilibrium G. Integrated circuit IC production technology [Hastings, chap. Risultati attesi Expected Learning Outcomes.

Therefore, carriers crossing the depletion region are accelerated to high velocity. It can be shown that the minority carrier concentration is exponentially decreasing from the junction line.

Technology Computer Aided Design (TCAD) Laboratory Lecture 4

Betti Beneventi 38 Post-processing: Betti Beneventi 47 Electrical characteristics: Piazzale Europa, 1 – – Trieste, Italia – Tel. Organizzazione dell’insegnamento Course structure.

Shottky junction [Singh, chap.

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