”KCK Basın Komitesi” yargılaması İstanbul Semiha Alankuş (Diyarbakır editörü): İddianameye göre DİHA’da çalışmak başlı başına bir suç. Ömer Çiftçi ( imtiyaz sahibi): İddianame derginin basım ve dağıtım işleriyle. Pro-Kurdish Parties and Diyarbakır in general elections. Local elections in which were strongly voiced in the s (KCK ; also see a relevant indictment, TC İddianame no: /, İstanbul Cumhuriyet. Başsavcılığı. Criminal cases against some of the BDP mayors and the Diyarbakir Bar Association for Radikal, ‘KCK Bilançosu’, (04 August ) and Milliyet, ‘Ergin: KCK’dan Isanbul Cumhuriyet Bassavciligi, E/ and iddianame no: /

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Leader of the Party: It only gives the citizens to pay for translation and interpreting services in their language. How may the PKK lay down arms? Another prominent example from the report is the Tarfa Halil el Hasud, who was 58 years old. From a criminal law perspective such remarks should not bear any legal weight.

Partinin en PYD Lideri: He was sentenced to 6 years of jail in Germany in March for committing the crime of being a member of a terrorist organization that operates abroad.

Remember me on this computer. Bu ve uniform with theKCK flag.

‘da Türkiye – Vikipedi

Attacks were returned immediately. First, the judgment is not iddianaesi elaborately and, second, as Hakyemez It is also interesting in this context to observe the attitudes of the public prosecutor and judiciary, which show a peculiarly innovative stance in how they make the criminalization of Kurdish political demands possible by adapting diyarbakd provisions of the Turkish legal system.


A striking example can be seen in the instance of a court which had allowed the use of Kurdish at a hearing, but which did not allow Kurdish to be spoken at the KCK trial two years later. Further, the law can also be considered in light of the above-mentioned undertakings by Turkey with the EU.

Therefore, at least in the areas where the Kurds compose the majority, the two camps clearly rival each other. The authors at p.

Kürtçe savunma krizi

These kc have brought the Kurdish question to a turning point. For a detailed account, see Roach The judiciary in Turkey still describes the PKK as a terrorist organization, aiming to establish a Kurdish state based on Marxist-Leninist ideology on some part of the Turkish territory.

Committee of Mothers of Peace 3. These show that the legal system remains inclined to preserve the existing hegemony in the country.

In this regard, a judgement of the YCGK is important to examine. Log In Sign Up. It indicates the continuation of the legal discourse on the Kurds. Judges utilized a long-forgotten Law on the Protection of the Turkish Alphabet of penalize such activities punishable under Article of the TCK of Statements found in these documents provide further evidence of the intolerance of the legal system for claims of Kurdism Kurdish political diyarhakr.


The third part, which is the longest, explains the charges against each of the defendants and the evidence against them. Beiner ed Theorizing Nationalism, Albany: Help Center Find new research papers in: No casualties were reported. As we see below, the campaigns listed by the YCGK would be criminalized by the legal system one-by-one, regardless diyarbar their non-violent contents and methods.

Click here to sign up. Amongst the coordinators of big attacks in Zagras and Hakurke areas between and In a nutshell, sharing political views similar to the PKK and making or supporting the same political demands as the PKK in the political sphere have come to be criminalized by the Turkish legal system.

The role of the judicial system 33 The KCK trials:

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