“In , DNV GL developed the LNG-fuelled VLCC concept Triality,” noted Deng Ling, DNV GL project manager and ship type expert for LNG. Today, DNV unveiled a concept tanker design called Triality, an LNG powered VLCC featuring a hull shape that completely removes the need. A noteworthy project undertaken by Det Norske Veritas, called TRIALITY, incorporates several new and interesting concepts in ship design and.

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The two propellers rotate in the same direction and with overlap to help reduce rotational energy losses. In addition to the applications of the cooling capabilities of LNG as outlined above, additional cooling opportunities may include air conditioning, freezers and coolers. In the next decade the shipping industry will face significant technical, operational and associated economic challenges as a result of upcoming environmental regulations for air emissions and ballast water treatment.

Not intended for production, the Triality project identified existing technology that could also be applied to smaller Suezmax and Aframax tankers and other ships routinely traveling vnv distances unloaded.

On the operational expense side, the comparison has only been made for the fuel cost, as this is the most significant. The ballast-free Triality would have five longitudinal cargo sections — one center tank, two intermediate tanks and two side tanks — tfiality by four longitudinal bulkheads instead of the two commonly used in conventional tankers. The latter becomes more important at higher speeds.

The VOC can be either re-circulated into the cargo, or, as suggested in the TRIALITY concept, collected in separate tanks and supplied as fuel to auxiliary boilers producing steam for the cargo pumps or cargo heating.

The Triality hull design minimizes the wetted surface to reduce viscous resistance. A ship’s resistance can be divided into viscous and wave-making resistance. This concept vessel also recovers hundreds of tons of cargo rtiality on each voyage dv represents a major step towards the new environmental era for the tanker shipping industry. The design aims to reduce operating costs by reducing the resistance of the hull as it moves through the water.


The fuel capacity of 13, m3 – or about 6, tons – is sufficient for an operational range of 25, nautical miles, which corresponds to a round the world trip.

Studies show that xnv much as to tons of VOC can be vented into the atmosphere on each round trip.

Besides contributing greenhouse gases and resulting in ozone when VOCs react with NOx in sunlight, the lost vapors represent a financial loss, especially since VOCs are basically the most valuable light ends of crude oil. In mathematics, triality is a relationship between three vector spaces, analogous to the duality relation between dual vector spaces.

Driven by its purpose of safeguarding life, property and the environment, DNV GL enables organizations to advance the safety and sustainability of their business. The avoidance of all ballast water issues with this design is an triwlity operational benefit of high value and convenience to a vessel operator.

We also share information about the use of the site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. In response to the problem, the industry is trying to find friality ways of treating ballast water.

The Det Norske Veritas Triality design calls for a 1,foot-long oil tanker based on currently available technology.

Interesting Concept Design of The Week – DNV’s VLCC concept vessel “Triality” – gCaptain

Discover all that is hidden in the words on. Since then, Triality has been widely communicated to a lot of customers and stakeholders.

English words that begin with tr. As its name indicates, it fulfils three main goals: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.


This is partly carried out through heat exchangers. LNG tankers using boil off gas for propulsion have operated for some 30 years.

A conventional unloaded VLCC would have a mean draft of 10 to 13 feet, so that the bow and propeller would be almost out of the water. Photo courtesy Det Norske Veritas.

There will also be dhv less need for ballast water on other kinds of crude oil tankers, such as Suezmax, Aframax and smaller ships. Please enter the letters from the image below: The ship has not yet been designed!

Meaning of “triality” in the English dictionary

Topaz Energy and Marine, a leading offshore support vessel owner with primary operations in the Middle East and The reunion of the Loose Tubes big band was the hottest UK jazz story of ; they’re scheduled to play again at the Avatars triakity Sterling Adventures. When loading oil, a conventional VLCC empties its ballast tanks to avoid high bending moments, list or trim. Up to half will be used in special triple-fuel burners for the troality boilers that produce steam for cargo pumps.

Synonyms and antonyms of triality in the English dictionary of synonyms. The trialitg design has no possibility to use ballast water to adjust the trim, but TRIALITY incorporates around 3, tons of freshwater on board, which in a closed system can be shifted between the fore peak and aft peak tanks as needed. For Triality a group of some 30 competent, mostly young people representing a wide set of disciplines was selected.

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