Create a parser:: parser = () Several optional arguments may be passed to modify the parser’s behavior. Please see. reStructuredText (RST, ReST, or reST) is a file format for textual data used primarily in the Python programming language community for technical documentation. It is part of the Docutils project of the Python Doc-SIG ( Documentation. RST is a file format formely created by Python community to write documentation (and so, is part of Docutils). RST files are simple text files with lightweight syntax.

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The following external hyperlink targets are equivalent:. Python docstrings to the quite large this document. If you want to return a system message and document contents, you need to create the system message yourself instead of using the self. Blank lines separate paragraphs from each other and from other body elements. Instead of subheads, extra space or a type ornament between paragraphs may be used to mark text divisions or to signal changes in subject or emphasis.

Line Blocks Doctree elements: Empty comments may also be used to separate block quotes: See Implicit Hyperlink Targets for a complete description of the mechanism. Several constructs begin with a marker, and the body of the rat must be indented relative to the marker. The interpretation of the directive block is up to the directive code.

  API 6A718 PDF

The first line of a document is treated as if it docutols preceded by a blank line, and the last line of a document is treated as if it is followed by a blank line. An alternate syntax for anonymous hyperlinks consists of two underscores, a space, and a link block:.

Regardless of spans, the top border must fully describe all table columns. Hyperlink targets identify a location within or outside of a rsf, which may be linked to by hyperlink references. With most roles, the “: Substitution definitions are indicated by an explicit markup start “. An internal hyperlink target points to the element following the target. Any unrecognized fields will remain as generic fields in the docinfo element.

They may not be used directly, in standalone context. Paragraphs contain text and may contain inline markup: SincereST has been a core component of Python’s Sphinx document generation system. An inline form of internal hyperlink target is available; see Inline Internal Targets.

Such use is ugly and detrimental to the unprocessed document’s readability.

See Epigraph above for an analogous example. Underlines of ‘-‘ may also be used to visually separate docutlls, even if there are no column spans.

— docutils documentation

The “Address” field is for a multi-line surface mailing address. The markup used is as minimal and unobtrusive as possible. It is converted into a level-1 info system message showing the directive data, possibly followed by a literal block containing the rest of the directive block.

The data may be internal an integral part of the document or external a separate file. Raises ValueError for negative, zero, or non-integer values. The same approach can be used in documents which frequently refer to a particular type of objects with unique identifiers but ambiguous common names. See Reference Names docutols details and examples. Depending on the needs of the site, this may be used to index the document for later searching, to hyperlink the inline text in various ways mailto, homepage, docutila Javascript with profile and contact information, etc.


The first line after the field name marker determines the indentation of the field body. The delimiter will only be recognized if it appears outside of any inline markup.

reStructuredText Directives

An epigraph is an apposite suitable, apt, or pertinent short inscription, often a quotation or poem, at the beginning of a document or section. The “highlights” directive produces a “highlights”-class docufils quote.

The vertical bar ” ” is used for vertical lines column separators. References Target Footnotes Directive Dodutils This is a generic, titled admonition. Inline markup is parsed in the term line before the classifier delimiter “: A footnote may specify a label explicitly while at the same time requesting automatic numbering:

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