Snow White [Donald Barthelme] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “Eccentric, dazzling the literary conversation piece of the year. The story of Snow White, brought up to date. Snow White lives with Kevin, Edward, Hubert, Henry, Clem & Dan. They have all White. By Donald Barthelme. The Snow White Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list But in Barthelme’s fairy tale, Snow White is in modern times. Snow White study guide contains a biography of Donald Barthelme, literature.

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Snow White self-consciously waits for her prince figure – named Paul – who is busy trying to come to terms with his destined role, his heroic form. Refresh and try again. This style of writing is risky – the author has to be pitch perfect most of donalld time – which is easier to do in shorter bursts, like short stories — but I’m glad to have encountered this experiment.

Dec 31, Adam Floridia rated it did not like it Shelves: Dan speculates that Bill’s reluctance to be touched is a physical manifestation of a metaphysical condition that is not anxiety” 4.

U of Nebraska P, Barthelme, however, is also aware of the danger of words losing their meaning altogether, and to illustrate this danger he occasionally includes instances of textual free-play that are suggestive of Foucault’s destructive type of “heterotopia,” a “disorder” that contains “fragments of a large number of possible orders [which] glitter separately in the dimension, without law or geometry” xviii.


Would you like a war?

From what I could absorb, this book transplants Snow White and her associated characters into a post-Freudian, post-Jungian baarthelme — Much of this novel went straight over my head – my problem, not the book’s – but Barthelme’s Snow White is such a reflection of the era of its creation that, as time goes by, the wordplay and allusions have become increasingly obscure. Who doesn’t succumb in one way or another to some sort of “fairy tale”?

Snow White by Donald Barthelme

Having said all that, I still give it 4 stars; a lesser work by a great writer still outshines the best works by poorer writers, and page by page and sentence by sentence this was delight enough for me.

With the fewest stains? I haven’t read enormous amounts in this field, but having now read fawning pieces about Barthelme by Baxter, Eggers and David Gates, I’m convinced that his canon of work should bwrthelme required reading for anyone interested in experimental fiction.

I liked the bit when Snow White hangs her hair from the window and two passing old men see it and one of them says “Seems like some hair comin’ outa that window there. Another strategy involves extending words beyond their already determined meaning and denotations by combining the literal with the figurative.

Snow White ( novel) – Wikipedia

On a personal note, it would seem that I have recently fallen into a trap of sorts wherein I barthemle myself reading many a book severely decorated with white space and drawings and photographs and all kinds of things which the paper is doing other than carrying words. View all 27 comments. A Question of What Matters: Barthelme was drafted into the Korean War inarriving in Korea barthrlme July 27, the very day the cease-fire ending the war was signed.


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It went deeper, and I really barthelm his interpretation of the story. In though, you thought you had to do a concept album. Interviews with English and American Novelists.

The hi-jinks Barthelme includes within the novel are sometimes maddening, playful, and inventive for sure It’s a theme that comes up in this writer’s work constantly.

Sbow Gabriel Garcia Marquez: I’m abandoning this diarrhea metaphor, and this review. Sep 12, Andrew added it Shelves: The quotes he added were also pretty humorous and added to the story. Jan 03, Bert rated it liked it. Besides being a retelling of a classic tale, this novel is a great commentary on the current status of American culture.

Snow White

Repeated images, half-sketched drawings, empty gazes, personal sbow, barely strung together. Toward a General Theory. In the novel, Bakhtin explains, individual and social voices interact with a wide range of social, historical, and physiological contexts.

I can best describe Barthelme’s style as “slideshow fiction. Scholars and Rogues Progressive Culture. But hey, you know what? Discerning a message in a lot of the garble in this story reminded me of that.

Does Snow White resemble the Snow White you remember?

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