Picture of an origami double star flexicube; Designed by Dave Brill; Folded by Sara Adams;. In fact there wasn’t an elegant way of doing this (in an origami sense). I used trial and error: firstly I made the Yoshimoto Cube (aka Double Star Flexicube), then. David Brill – Double Star Flexicube. Post by Froy┬╗ Tue Mar 25, pm. Hi! Greetings from Mexico. I have been looking for diagrams or something from.

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Also, there’s some pushing and pulling involved to make them move together in all the right places. Use a solid colour background for more clarity.

Thanks for posting this you tube vid! You sometimes jump over steps and for that use special effects. And if you cut it in half again thus getting a quarterthat’s still true, of course! Did you check your e-mail?

Autumn oak PW pleinairpainting oilpainting landscape oldoak princeswood. Double Star Flexicube David Brill: Skip to main content. Steps of which model?

If the difficulty level of this project is considered ‘low intermediate’, I’d hate to think what the ‘high expert’ level is like! Use verbal instructions rather than background music, especially on harder doublf. For this model I prefer to take heavier paper for the units, and lighter paper for the hinges.


If you want to glue the units together there are two options: I think that’d just be fair. I folded the model from A8. Can you do an instructional video on the heart bookmark?????????????????? I suggest you use clexicube heavier paper for the units, and lighter paper for the hinges.

This can be quite confusing, especially if you don’t know the model yet. Focus on hard steps. The video is short enough for you to include the steps you removed. Hi Sara, I just got the instructions and i was ready to go, but then i realized that i didn’t know what paper fflexicube to use. More information about text formats. When I made it.

Double Star Flexicube (David Brill) | Happy Folding

I made two, and either I made flexicuube of them wrong, or you need to assemble on of them differently. I had the feeling you mostly record yourself folding a model in such a way that it’s relatively visible on the camerabut just letting someone watch isn’t always enough.


Instagram Towers Road Pieta seen in cut tree stump. For example, search for 5cm in inches.

401: Double-Star Flexi-Cube

In the video I used normal copy paper for the hinges, dobule card for the units. Fortunately I was successful. Can I use half of a square for the paper because I really don’t like designs that involve so many complicated measurements that i later don’t have available and i don’t?

I think the second one might be more interesting in terms of “Geometry Class”, but the first one slightly more fun because it’s an action model. Notify me of new comments via email. Hi there, Do vouble know of any very simple way to fold paper into a flat star of David? I think in this video I used card for the units, and normal copy paper for the hinges.

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