With a cast of beloved characters from previous Pern novels, Dragongirl is another triumph for Todd McCaffrey—and a riveting chapter for the Dragonriders of. Editions. Dragongirl. Paperback Dragongirl . Todd McCaffrey · Paperback · Ebook. View more editions. Buy from Buy from – arrow icon. Dragongirl (Dragonriders of Pern) by Todd McCaffrey – book cover, description, publication history.

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Death can’t be avoided, so why even try.

Lorana flip flops between being so worldly and knowing that you want tode smack her or she’s a weeping mess. However, two things happened that caused the stars to be chipped away at my rating. Scenes of impression and mating flights written by Anne were always amazing – written by Todd they seem soulless.


Aug 25, Carolyn rated it it was ok Shelves: Pern 22Pern Chronological Order 9. It would be easy, too.

It is the first I’ve read that doesn’t have Dick Hill’s deep voice but poor acting. Now more than three years older, Fiona is no longer a child but a woman—thrust into authority by a shocking tragedy.

That makes referring to her as a ‘girl’ very jarring – mccaffeey contradictory.

Dragongirl (Dragonriders of Pern) by Todd McCaffrey

There were some continuity issues which jumped out at me and made me reread sections when I was like, “didn’t they already mention Jeila’s pregnancy 30 pages ago?


His other books were better written. This book irritated me. It opened up my entire world, and created an avid reader.

dragongilr At Igen, Fiona had been a Weyrwoman among boys and injured riders. I’ve already read Dragon’s Time out of publication order because the plot lines of these books sounds so similar that I can’t keep track anymore, so I knew where this was going all along. As a senior Weyrwoman, Fiona must take decisive action. Page numbers in the first US hardcover run to without padding, and there is preliminary material.

To view it, click here. Did she love him, she challenged herself, or did she just want to prove that she was as good as Koriana, whom he”d held in his arms as she died?

I really enjoyed this book it was like going back to see old friends you have missed. Later he earned a Politics degree at Trinity College, Dublin.

She otdd raised by her Lord Holder father until she was 13 or so. Get some plot pointers from your mo Fantasy I have read the Pern series as long as Anne McCaffrey has been writing them – but this one may well tord the last I read.

But I don’t understand a lot of the story choices here. I love the world that Anne McCaffrey created, so just being set on Pern and having dragons – the non-dragon books have to be a lot better to get the same rating from me automatically gives a book 2 stars.


There was also just mccaffey damn much of it in the book. Get some plot pointers from your mother, Todd, or give up the series!

Dragongirl – Todd McCaffrey – Google Books

Published init is the sequel to Dragonheart and third with Todd as sole author. I deeply regret this decision.

If I was not so committed to Pern, I would have quit the book at page when Fiona, “gave herself freely to him,” and then the next day: She had telepathic dragons, well he will have telepathic humans.

But even greater love has Lorana who has given the ultimate sacrifice, her dragon, to Pern.

On the plus side, the ridiculous amount of partner-swapping in the book mccaffreh me laughing in amazement throughout!

McCaffrey takes some more lessons from his mother in character development, and stops killing off dragons and their riders for the next book. It is sad that this great series has devolved to sex and chatter, and that the loss of so many dragons and mcaffrey is merely a backdrop to Fiona’s fear of sleeping alone, and her obsession with having everyone else sleeping together as well.

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