Sojourn has ratings and reviews. Evgeny said: Drizzt the Dark Elf comes to the surface world and tries to find his place in there. Nobody want. R.A. Salvatore is the New York Times best-selling author of more than forty novels, including the popular Forgotten Realms series The Legend of Drizzt. He’s an. After abandoning the perils of the underdark, Drizzt Do-Urden, the renegade dark elf, battles to survive in This Sojourn book review was written by Floresiensis.

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Invest so much time and energy into a character and then have to wipe them out in the service of a plot. The Genie’s Curse Birthright: This book was very slow moving to me. He promptly changed his major from computerscience to journalism.

The part I really liked about this novel is the plethora of interesting characters and races including the Barghest whelps Goblin werewolves and the winter wolves larger wolves with human-like intelligence were very cool.

I liked how the book ended with Drizzt finding a home with some new friends, including Catti-brie who was fearless in taking up for him, and she was just a little girl. These are very efficient predators, by the way. Unfortunately the book could not sojoutn up sojoirn the fairly exciting beginning. Definitely an improvement from the last novel. Published May 1st by Wizards of the Coast first published May Who will welcome a Drow, even one who has forsaken his people and desires nothing more than peace?


Which was actually a major flaw of the second book that drkzzt not rectified! But, instead of escaping his dark elf heritage, he is forced to combat their stereotypes at every turn.

The Companions Forgotten Realms: There, I just gave you away the plot of the whole book, all pages of it. The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: View all 6 comments. If it does it is because the book is drzzt the most boring one of the trilogy.

While many creatures in this realm are fierce, barbaric, or evil, none compare to the race known as “Dark Elves”.

Im not that certain sojourj he knows how to receive help.

Other characters and situations from the books that stand out: Reading the book felt like I was watching a western where the natives wipe out a border family. His gaming group still meets drizzt Sundays to play. I believe the first in this trilogy was my favorite, and then it slowly started going down hill from there.

But he keeps evolving, makes an excellent friend and learns to be a ranger, just his kind of thing.

Sojourn by RA Salvatore book review

The best way to describe the characters movement from isolation to acceptance, and the way salvatore describes it, is to show him getting close to building a relationship with people only to lose it time and again. By this book he has learned how to alternate such scenes for comic effect.

Exile was okay but mainly for the ongoing struggles of the Do’Urden clan. He was an old blind ranger living in the mountains, he trains Drizzt in the human language and about things in the world. Pages to import images to Wikidata All stub articles. The dwarf Bruenor and the dwarf’s adoptive human daughter Catti-brie who is only eleven here reminding me uncomfortably of The Thornbirds.


For more than a hundred years humans, dwarves, gnomes and elves lived together in relative peace.

Sojourn by RA Salvatore

After abandoning the perils of the underdark, Drizzt Do-Urden, the renegade dark elf, battles to survive in the harsh surface drizzr and to gain acceptance from the surface-dwellers. These books are nothing crazy deep, but they’re really fun, enjoyable reads packed with a lot of fighting and action scenes. While the last book was a little too grim for my tastes, Drizzt’s growing friendship with Montolio allowed Salvatore to inject more of his trademark humor this time around.

Open Preview See a Problem? Trivia About Sojourn Forgotte He was a jerk complaining about something that Drizzt did to him, well you attack someone they fight back!

Also, Drizzt shows a lot more personality in this book the first book was more about Drizzt’s dysfunctional family, while the second book portrayed him almost as a primal beastwhich made him all the more likeable as well.

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