QTY. REC’D UP UNIT WEIGHT. UNIT CUBE. UFC. SL. FREIGHT CLASSIFICATION NOMENCLATURE. ITEM NOMENCLATURE. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. FSC. ADDIT. UNIT OF. ISSUE. C. Subject: DD Form A Disposal Turn-In Document (DTID). 1. Purpose: This EMP establishes the procedures for the completing DD Form.

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Women, minorities, and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply. Enter the confirmation code you’ve received in the email message and your Want List will be activated. Certification paperwork is required annually and whenever a participating drko Chief Executive Official Changes. Document Number Block 24 9. Please go to https: During this coordination we will ask that you: Supply Condition Codes Assigned by Generator: Please turn on JavaScript and try again.

LESO Program

Turn off more accessible mode. All transferred surplus items must have a direct application to the law enforcement agency’s arrest and apprehension mission. If you have an automated document system that forces a condition code, you can manually change it.

Skip to main content. How often will results be emailed to me? Expenses incurred prior to DRMS accepting accountability will be borne by the activity turning in the excess property. My presentations Profile Feedback Log dfmo. C- Serviceable Priority Issue Includes material with less than 3 months shelf life remaining.


Some equipment is scarce, unavailable on line, or is in such high demand that additional steps are taken to ensure equitable distribution throughout the nation. Hazardous Material is not equal to Hazardous Waste!!

Property capable of spilling or leaking will not be transferred to the DRMO in drmi, broken or leaking containers. Reimbursement data Block 27 8. This needs to be updated whenever your agency information changes. Dfmo category like About the DPShas multiple sub-categories. Overview The National Defense Authorization Act authorizes the Secretary of Defense to transfer excess Department of Defense DoD personal property to federal, state and local law enforcement agencies LEA with special emphasis given to counter drug and counter terrorism.

Training For The Turn in And Reutilization of Excess DoD Property. – ppt download

Turn on more accessible mode. To browse these categories, please dmo on the links in the global navigation bar, and you will be presented with these links. This will allow you to monitor the status of your application. Requests for these forms may be made to the servicing DRMO. Your browser is unable to render the navigation correctly. Demil code or clear text statement RP 65 or Block 27 6.


DRMOs will ensure that the persons who sign the inert certificate are included on the drmoo individual list prior to accepting accountability for AEDA. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Q- Suspended Product Quality Deficiency Unserviceable items with potential or confirmed quality deficiencies.

Training For The Turn in And Reutilization of Excess DoD Property.

Demo material with months shelf life remaining. All inert items, including dummy rounds, containers that previously held AEDA ammunition cansitems such as ammunition pouches, bandoliers, and material generated from Demilitarization of AEDA require an inert certification.

If your agency is interested in acquiring Aircraft, Weapons, or armored response vehicles, please click on the links below to learn more and contact our office directly. Turn on more accessible mode. Unit of Issue and Quantity RPs 3. The first signature certifier may be either qualified DoD personnel or qualified contractor personnel. Records Management DLA Application for Participation This document provides basic information about your department, lists points of contact, and who is allowed to screen at a Defense Logistics Agency- Disposition Services Site.

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