Audio File Only: Important Information on Ascension and the Merkaba. What we have to say in this audio I hope will assist you in remembering the true. Mer Ka Ba Meditation. CD [Drunvalo Melchizedek] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. IN THE GERMAN LANGUAGE. FULL title is. How to Activate Your LightBody / Merkaba = (By Drunvalo Melchizedek) – YouTube. Drunvalo Melchizedek – The 17 Breath MER-KA-BA Meditation – Esoteric.

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And from all life we will receive our manna. The two sets of tetrahedrons take off spinning.

Full text of “Drunvalo Melchizedek Merkaba Meditation”

Do this in one movement, not three parts. This mudra will be used for the rest of the meditation. Become aware of the male tetrahedron the apex facing up to the sun, the point facing to the front for male, the point to the back for females filled with the brilliant white light surrounding your body. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. A little practice will render this part of the exercise easy, and the movement once acquired will be afterward perfonned almost automatically.

Merksba the help of your Higher Self, you will understand what this really means.

It will be slowly wobbling. Exhale quite slowly, holding the chest in a firm position, and drawing the abdomen in a little and lifting it upward as the air leaves the lungs.

In an instant, they will be moving at exactly one third the speed of light at their outer tips. Keep your palms facing up. When your lungs are empty naturally, immediately begin the next breath. Once each day, enter into this meditation, until the time comes when you are a conscious breather, remembering with each breath your intimate connection with God.


Flower of Life and Merkaba – Drunvalo Melchizedek

Continue the vrunvalo of the folded hands from now on. However, if you continue to breathe from your Christ centre without moving on to the MER-KA-BA, which is what is recommended until you have made contact with your Higher Self, drunvqlo shift to a shallow breath. The following instructions will be broken down into four areas: When the air is entirely exhaled, relax the chest and abdomen.

Merkbaa and just feel the flow of the prana flowing from the two poles and meeting at the navel and then expanding out to the large sphere. Realize that there are three whole star tetrahedrons superimposed over each other. Here an entirely new breathing pattern begins. In a flash, and with a pulse like energy, send that triangular plane down through the female tetrahedron.

This is the code melchizzedek your mind to spin the two sets of tetrahedrons at a ratio of Remember, lightly touch your fingers, and do not allow your fingers to touch each other or any other object. Breathe rhythmically and shallow. You probably will not be able to see this because of their tremendous speed, but you can feel it.

Only the tube that runs through the star, from the apex of the male tetrahedron above your head to the apex of the female tetrahedron below your feet, needs to be seen and crunvalo with. When you feel the tension begin to fade, begin to open your heart. To begin the meditation, first sit down and relax. You will disappear from this dunvalo and reappear in another one that will be your new home for awhile.


At first reading it may appear that this breath consists of three distinct movements.

As you exhale, the sphere continues to grow brighter and brighter. Meaning the Mind tetrahedrons spinning to the left rdunvalo go around 34 times while the emotional tetrahedrons spinning to the right will go around 21 times. The eyes look down from their up position at the same time the mind sees the triangular horizontal plane of the female tetrahedron move down to the apex of the female tetrahedron.

Keep the same mudra. This sphere of prana cannot merkzba larger. This is the reason this particular speed is selected. It changes the balance of pranic energy within your body from third dimensional to fourth dimensional awareness. BODY For the next seven breaths use the same mudra for both inhale and exhale, the thumb, first and second touching together palms up. Begin by creating a place in your home that is used only for this meditation. The sphere will expand at that moment.

The fourteenth breath is unique unto itself. Your body is now completely enclosed within a huge sphere of brilliant white light.

The prana sphere centred at the navel continues to grow. Exhale quite slowly, approximately seven seconds, in the Yogic manner. Breath rhythmically and deep.

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