Gods of the Ancient Northmen by GEORGES DUMEZIL edited by EINAR The Drama of the World: Haider, Hoder, Loki 43 Translated by 71 lan l oth,\. Results 1 – 27 of 27 Loki. by Dumézil, Georges and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Title, Loki. Author, Dumezil. Publisher, University of Chicago Press, ISBN, , Export Citation, BiBTeX.

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Yet the basic problems to which Miiller and his school had addressed themselves remained unresolved, and in a young Indo-Europeanist. In India, let us note without delay, the heterogeneity of the two groups of gods could not be explained by the contact and conflict of religions or of different peoples, as is proposed in Scandinavia for the yEsir and Vanir: But does one not show equal credulity in seeking, indeed discovering, any sense in the mass of details that after all might be just as artificial, literary, or late— in a word, usclcss-as the onomastic puns?

They were to have charge of sacrifices and to judge between men. The third function was reflected by the mass of the society, the herders and cultivators upon whom the priests and warriors depended for their sustenance e. These are the god Hcimdall and, with the exception of Freya, the entire chorus of goddesses.

Those who, despite this a priori improbability, wish to utilize the chapters from the Yngtingasaga to found a historical interpreta- tion of the war between the jEsir and the Vanir, fall-have fallen- now into contradiction, now into arbitrariness. Snorri proceeds no differently. The exact parallel of Scandinavian mythology, expressed in the formula Odin- Thor-Frey, may not therefore be an innovation, but a faithfully con- served archaism.

Scott Littleton for his interest in the volume. That Professor Haugen and his students have seen it to render Les dieux des Germains into Gods of the Ancient Northmen is fur- ther proof that one of the most significant contributions to general knowledge yet made in this century is finally receiving the attention it deserves on this side of the Atlantic.

Yet even here the warrior’s situation is ambiguous, for, having tasted blood— even in a good cause— he is a potential danger to the peace and well-being of the rest of his society and must typically undergo a rite of purification before loi readmitted to it. Then Dumdzil joined the specialists and stole what was left of their tli under: Phi- Dumrzil generously suggests.


The dumezio extant documents were scanty and desultory and revealed a fragmentation of worship not only between the major groups of Scandinavians and Continental Germans— with practically no evidence of the activities of the latter group-but also a fragmentation within these groups. Gods of the Ancient Northmen three recipients, served to make another drink, more durable in that it still inebriates Odin, poets, and visionaries.

And be- cause 6diin had the gift duezil prophecy and was skilled in magic, he knew that his offspring would inhabit the nordiern part of the world. As an Indo-Europeanist he had already replaced the etymological approach of Max Mullcr with a more solidly grounded structural approach that took into account the social, religious, and ideological facets of the Indo-European heritage.

Scholars such as the Dane Villielm Gronbech, whose first study appeared over sixty years ago, llki abandoned the quest for origins to concentrate on reconstructing the psychological world of the ancient Germans. Essai sur la formation de la religion scandinave. Even Indra gives in, peace is made, the Nasatya definitely join the divine community, and no al- lusion will lpki be made to the distinction among gods or to the initial conflict. In this instance it is books six to eight of the Gesta Danorum which recount the three sins of the warrior hero Starcatherus.

To put it another way, while Levi- Strauss sees, perhaps correctly, a universal tendency to mediate be- tween oppositions, a tendency that in one form or another will mani- fest itself in all human thought, Dumezil suggests that the tripartite ideology dumrzil among the speakers of Proto-Indo-European and was dumezio separately by the heirs to this community as they migrated to their several attested geographical locations, from India to Ireland.

This new emphasis eumezil a growing concern on Dumdzil’s part for the uniqueness of each of the national traditions he has examined.

But among the jEsir it was forbidden to marry so near a kin. The later litera- ture, the epic, knows that the gods Indra and the Nasatya, whose association is so necessary and so close, dumezip nevertheless not always joined in one unified society. Mogk has gathered sufficient ethnographic parallels. The concordance of Indo-Iranian and Italic religious features guarantees that the tripartite theological structure and the practice of summarizing it in a brief list of gods characteristic of each level dates back to the time of the Indo-European community.


Georges Dumézil

Certain other divine types are mentioned, such as the Elves ON alfar, sg. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Inge Kcick Darmstadt, iyG. Vincent rated it liked it Aug 23, The importance of the present works cannot be appreciated with- XX Introduction out some knowledge of their place in the context of Germanic mytho- logical studies.

Loki by Georges Dumézil

Essai sur deux representations indo- curope’enncs dc la souveraineU Paris, ; 2d ed. Indeed, as Dumdzil has demonstrated, the Indo-European warrior figure typically commits three acts that run counter to the three ideological principles.

The War between the jEsir dumszil the Vanir. Introduction a triad of entirely epic heroes. But, interest in the origin of indi- vidual tales underwent a subtle methodological shift in emphasis whose implications, like the lines of even the most acute angle, led farther away from the specific question of Indo-European origins the more they were extended. But this union and this happy har- mony, founded on a clear analysis of human wishes, have not always existed, according to the legend.

To credit this text, the formation of a unified religion would have taken place far from Scandinavia, far from Germania, previous to any encounter on Germanic soil between an agricultural culture and a more virile, warlike one, one more spiritual, too, as E. It should be emphasized of course, that more research needs to be done here.

For Lcvi-Strauss, the level is one of the human mind per se; for Dumezil, the level is the much more immediate one of an historically bounded set of related tradi- tions. By apply- ing this principle to mythology, the historicists saw the “evolution” of primitive animistic demons to the level of gods, one of which in time came to be the “high god.

These called him aside for a word in private and killed him, letting his blood run into two crocks and one kettle.

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