Dutchman. Amiri Baraka. CHARACTERS. CLAY, twenty‐year‐old Negro. LULA, thirty‐year‐old white woman. RIDERS OF COACH, white and black. The Dutchman and The Slave Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme by Imamu Amiri Baraka, LeRoi Jones. This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of Dutchman by Amiri Baraka. Dutchman is a one-act play that revolves almost exclusively.

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And cutchman, maybe one day, you’ll find they actual do understand exactly what you are talking about, all the fantasy people. The play ends with Lula looking towards another young black man who has just boarded the now mostly empty train car. While these plays are explosive today, just howling off the page, it’s impossible if you weren’t there to imagine their effect at the time.

Set in a New York City subway car, the play involves Clay, cutchman young, middle-class black man who is approached seductively by Lula, a white fellow passenger. On the other hand, I applaud L. Clay states that if black people stopped trying to heal their pain through dance, music, civic participation, religion, dutchmah focusing on moving upwards in American society, and became coldly rational like white people, black people would just kill all the whites and be done with racism in America.

Dutchman (play) – Wikipedia

When she did kill Clay, no doubt she knew what he said to her was true, yet she was not going to admit it or let someone of another race leave having criticized her fiercely and openly as Clay did.

Very much like your own. All these blues people. Quintessential moment in the transition from the early to the mid-late Sixties, particularly the public emergence of Black Power. Clay launches into a monologue. In the late s and early s, Baraka courted controversy by dutcgman some strongly anti-Jewish poems and articles, similar to the stance at that time of the Nation of Islam.

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Dutchman is a little too difficult for my 10th graders to navigate and hard to dramatize but I am definitely advocating for The Slave to be on our reading list for the fall.

Dutchman & The Slave

On the other hand, I appl I’ve read only Dutchman. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. And it makes dutchmman that Dutchman is paired with this. Vessels radical views especially on how African Americans should rise up and rebel against white society really speaks to Jones views that society cripples people and in vessels case very negatively and he is extremely outspoken about it and he does not seem to really amori what the costs are.

It highlights the inherent conflict between white liberal intellectuals and African Americans struggling under oppression.

Dec 28, Jhoel Centeno rated it really liked it. The anger was necessary to get to even this point of relative equality but here we are. The characters engage in a long, flirtatious conversation throughout the train ride.

Clay is gladdened by Lula’s apparent liking for him and maintains a hopeful attitude to having sex together. Contact our editors with your feedback. I’ll tell you why. They illuminate as with a flash of lightning a deadly serious problem–and they bring an eloquent and exceptionally powerful voice to the American theatre.

Dutchmsn I first read this play in college it hit me like a thunderclap. I like that but it makes a difficult read. It turned everything upside down, or rather right side up. Dutchman opened in New York City on March 24,to perhaps the most exc Centered squarely on the Negro-white conflict, both Dutchman and The Slave are literally shocking plays–in ideas, in language, in honest anger. For a shorter play it is really intense and there will be a lot for students to work through.

I pictured Jones speaking this as his character of Clay likely would. It depicts the desire to be known as equals, baraks also the betrayal felt by the African-American population of the United States of America following broken promises. Clay represents Adam, or formed from earth, forced to endure and suffer in order to achieve true happiness. May 30, Sirius Black rated it really liked it.


Oh, goddamn it, Grace, are you so stupid? Seeing as how race has been and is a central conflict of American society from day one to now and seeing how this play deals with that conflict in as brutal and unflinching terms as has ever been seen or read, I think it makes a strong claim to be one of the Great American Plays. Dutchman opened in New York City on March 24,to perhaps the most excited acclaim ever accorded an off-Broadway production and shortly thereafter received the Village Voice’s Obie Award.

Boy I sure wish I knew what he was saying.

Walker is the leader of a violent airi black liberation movement whose ultimate goal seems to be to kill all white people. It wasn’t until I got to class and the teacher discussed it more with us that I began thinking about something specifically relating to Baldwin. Open Preview See a Problem?

May 22, William rated it really liked it. This play is a really interesting time capsule of a theatre style and a political environment. Dec 27, Lawrence rated it it was amazing Shelves: She ignores his denials and uses stereotypes to correctly guess aamiri he lives, where he is going, what Clay’s friend, Warren, looks and talks like.

If the Dutchman is full of hatred, the Wmiri takes that theme to a whole different level. Their discussion and the way they treat each other through the play reveals an African-American perspective of the conflict.

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