FASA Corporation is raising funds for Earthdawn 4th Edition on Kickstarter! A classic tabletop RPG returns. Set in the Age of Legend, heroes. Items 1 – 23 of 23 Earthdawn Fourth Edition Game Master’s Guide. The Age of Legend An age of magic once existed in our world. Lost to history, this time is. Earthdawn Fourth Edition Player’s Guide – The Age of Legend An age of magic once existed in our world. Lost to history, this time is.

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Questions about this project? We’re revising the game mechanics, keeping the Step System but streamlining how successes work, among other changes.

There are only warthdawn handful of RPG worlds with that level of detail to game in: Reward no longer available 25 backers. Orks are a short-lived former slave race prone to rashness. You get three copies each in hardcover of the Players Guide farthdawn the GM’s Guide, and six copies of each in softcover, plus six copies of the Travar sourcebook in softcover. Here is a list of add-ons currently available.

We will hold your order until all the items are available, and only ship one package, unless you tell us otherwise. The changes to the core rules are complete at this time. Sorry that something went wrong, repeat again! Looking to customize your pledge rewards a little bit more? You entered an incorrect esrthdawn or password. I changed that paragraph to more accurately reflect the connection between the two of them.

Theran wizards and politicians warned many of the outlying nations around Thera of the coming of the Horrors, offering the protection of the kaers to those who would pledge their loyalty to 4thh Empire.

Thanks to a stretch goal being achieved, these volumes will include color plates, like the First Edition rulebook back in the day. In Barsaive, magic, like many things edituon nature, goes through cycles. Once again, thank you for your support. The Theran presence in Barsaive has been limited to a small part of south-western Barsaive, located around the magical fortress of Sky Point and the city of Vivane. We will hold shipment until everything is available.


At first, most magical items work exactly like a mundane item of the same type. The player characters explore this new world, discovering lost secrets of the past, and fighting Horrors that remain.

Note should be made that game world links between Earthdawn and Shadowrun were deliberately broken by the publisher when the Shadowrun property was licensed out, in order to avoid the necessity for coordination between publishing companies. People eeition, hidden away in magical underground shelters called kaers. All previous Errata are merged into the text, correcting previous edition errors and providing rules clarifications. Game development is no different in this regard.

Ships to Anywhere in the world.

Play a Swordmaster, whose tongue cuts as deep as his blade. As a character searches for information about the item’s history, performs certain tasks relating to that history, and spends legend points to activate the item, he unlocks some of the magic in the item. Some fight to protect those rebuilding their lives.

Pledge Levels

If you want to split the shipping, and receive your items as they become available, please contact us at contact fasagames. Funding period Jan 13, – Feb 12, 30 days.

The setting of Earthdawn is the same world as Shadowrun i. That magic sword you found can only have its true potential unlocked by learning its history—who wielded it, and what deeds did they perform? No PDFs are included in this bundle, as it’s meant to stock shelves at a gaming store.

Earthdawn 4th Edition by FASA Corporation — Kickstarter

Softcover Travar Everything Bundle. The Ruins of Parlainth, the Lost City. Barsaive is the name of the former Theran province the game is set in. They might talk about the darthdawn and peoples of the world. Step 1 is 1d4 – 2. Our most heartfelt thanks! Merchant airships ply the skies, watching for attacks by troll raiders. Earghdawn Great Dragon Icewing, who will allow visitors to ask him questions—provided they bring a sufficiently valuable gift.


Back for the Fourth Time: A Review of Earthdawn, 4th Edition

Back for the Fourth Time: And some bring the light of hope to those still hiding from the darkness of the Scourge. There are those that conspire to seize power and dominate their fellows, and some Horrors still lurk in the darker corners of the land. Dwarves have some of their usual tropes: One of the most innovative ideas in Earthdawn is how magical items work. This depth of design extends to the setting, as well. Caster Disciplines use the same Talent system as others, but also have access to spells.

While RedBrick tried to remain faithful to FASA’s vision and visual style, they revised almost everything and introduced new material to fill the gaps. Subscribe Replies to my comments All comments. Master the powers of earth, water, and fire as an Elementalist. Estimated delivery Oct The Scourge ended a hundred years ago. If you want a split shipment, with the Players and GM’s Guides shipping as soon as they’re ready, and the Travar books coming later, let us know, and we’ll work out the shipping costs.

Set in the Age of Legend, heroes are needed to bring hope to a damaged world.

InRedBrick announced the Third Edition of the game.

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