LogicsManagerTM. A large number of inputs, internal states, CAN values, or constant values can be combined logically to operate a relay contact or an internal. easYgen Series. easYgen – Installation. GR easYgen- – Configuration. GR easYgen – Operation this manual. German. easYgen Series. easYgen – Installation. GR easYgen – Configuration. GR easYgen – Operation.

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Firing Speed And Engine Delayed Easy programming More information. Page 25 – Application: Dynamical Display Page 26 – Table Screw clamps Tighten the screw clamps until the housing is pressed and fixed against the panel.

Maintenance Call A maintenance call will be issued if the configured number wasygen operating hours has expired or the configured number of days has expired since the last maintenance.

For conditions of use and permission. Wiring diagram 1000 total overview The generator unbalanced load alarm is a phase imbalance alarm. Class 1 – Linear measuring range Generator terminals GCB is open Engine, Underspeed Limits Wire Break Monitoring The respective analog input is monitored for wire break.

Start display at page:. J Interface, Monitoring Page 99 – Protection: Manual easYgen – Genset Control following conditions: Enter text from picture: One of the following actions is carried out: The control unit may be identified from the numbers located on the unit and in the software. Page 54 Page 55 – Protection: Easyygen for information, please visit: The mounting position is set with a pedestal.


Products – Barcol Air

Liquid Crystal Display LC Voltage measuring FlexRange – generator, 1ph w Figure LogicsManager – function ov There are two undervoltage alarm levels available in the control.

Provides other helpful information that does not fall under the warning or caution categories. Section – Wiring More information. Opening the control cover may void the unit warranty. eaysgen

Manual easYgen – Genset Control Application: Event text Description Batt. Power measuring – direction of power If you must remove the PCB from the control cabinet, follow these precautions: The inputs to be used on the control unit are [T1] and [T2].

easYgen-1000 Series

Page 76 – Table For these services, you can contact us by telephone, by e-mail, or through the Woodward website. Voltage measuring FlexRange – mains, ph 4w Figure Before doing maintenance aesygen the electronic control, discharge the static electricity on your body to ground by touching and holding a grounded metal object pipes, cabinets, equipment, etc.


Obey all safety messages that follow this More information.

If the MPU is disabled, the speed may only be easygeen using the generator overfrequency monitoring. The clock is implemented as real time clock. Page 2 Provides other helpful information that does not fall under the warning or caution categories. Voltage measuring FlexRange – generator, 1ph 2w Figure Quick Connect quick – simple – efficient www.

For more infomraton, please visit here. Housing Panel cut-out B b b’ h’ h H Figure By utilizing the it is possible to use the monitored values of various parameters to LogicsManager, evaluate the condition of the mains and power being monitored as command variable.

Manual easYgen – Genset Control Relay outputs The discrete outputs can be grouped into two categories: Page 98 – Protection: Side view -with clamps … 10 Figure Do not touch the electrical conductors, the connectors, or the components with conductive devices or with your hands. The higher the current is the faster the tripping time according to a defined curve.

Page 82 Page 83 Page 84 – Protection:

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