To understand the culture of Stormreach, one must look to its history. dominion of the demon Overlords stretched across the face of Eberron. Despite its small population, Stormreach is an important city because of its location, allowing easy docking access to travelers wishing to enter Xen’Drik. The city. Stormreach is far more than a gateway to Xen’drik. The history of the city stretches back across the Age of. Giants to the dawn of Eberron. Modern Stormreach.

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In YK the king took action. Some of the people living in the City of Dungeons act like those of the Five Nations and some neighborhoods are dominated by specific nationalities, visitors should be assured that things in Stormreach are not at all like they are on the mainland.

Notify stormdeach of new comments via email. On the other hand, some adventurers come to the City of Dungeons because their enemies take advantage of this situation. Join the Worldbuilders Guild.

The History of Stormreach

This quiet struggle was punctuated by pitched battles. The city of Stormreach is not the first settlement on this location by a long shot. The Red Ring, a gladiatorial arena and gambling venue, is also located here for those who seek more bloody entertainment than is found in the rest of the ward, though powerful rivals may be forcing the Ring out of business.

The history of Stormreach begins in the Age of Demons. Next to Forgelightthe Temple District houses a massive temple-fortress to the Silver Flamebuilt as a missionary church to savage Xen’drik.

Despite ousting a large majority of the pirates and smugglers, a few powerful smugglers, called Coin Lords, took advantage of the reduction in competition and became the first leaders of Stormreach. Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3. It was also well known that Xen’Drik was richer in Dragonshards than anywhere else in Eberron, it eberron long before a shardrush started and a whole new influx of people was flocking to Xen’Drik.

The rogue captains needed a truly secure refuge. On the exposed southern edge of the city, Southwatch keeps much to itself and looks after its own. Click here to toggle editing of individual sections of the page if possible. Despite the riches that are regularly brought back to the Five Nations from Xen’drikmost citizens of Stormreach are poor and downtrodden.


Stormreach Compact | Eberron Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

For over two centuries, Stormreach has grown and prospered. Kolis Sel Shadra was known by his reputation as the smuggler who had never lost a cargo — either to the Galifaran Navy, the Galifaran customs service or other pirates. They built a small community for themselves. A few of those bound together to form the Iron Watch, to secure their place in this new world. It is known by many in Stormreach to be a stronghold of Deneith House Deneith which maintains an enclave on the across a branch of the Koronoo from the city proper.

The Harbor area is dominated by three large structures: Mercenaries and adventurers of all sorts are attracted to the district because of the enclave and because of the large warforged population that makes its home here. The Five Nations acknowledge Stormreach, but stormrdach claim it as their own. Evil liches from the days of the giants, lurking vampires weilding elven necromancy, and other terrible denizens lurk in the dark shadows beneath Stormreach’s chaos and anyone bringing the light of righteousness to them could inspire generations to come.

The actions of the Truthful One and the Stormreaver successfully banishing the plane of Dal Quor in the final defeat of stormfeach quori set the stage for the elven uprising against the giants.

Despite its small population, Stormreach is an important city because of its location, allowing easy docking access to travelers wishing to enter Xen’Drik. Their enclave is a ward unto itself called Coasthold where magical research and secret plans are undertaken.

Heroes who want to make a difference in the world can come to Xen’drik and battle some of the most pernicious evils in the history of Eberron. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved from ” https: Seafaring ships coming in from Khorvaire must decide whether to add an extra day to their sstormreach or brave the twisting narrows of Shargon’s Teeth and the sahuagin tribes that dwell therein.

For some adventurers, the thrill of being in the City of Dungeons evokes an intangible childhood thrill which more than makes up for the danger of visiting the former pirate port. The Chapterhouse, a joint venture between Stor,reach Ghallanda and Jorascois also located here as well as the headquarters of the Stormreach Guard but the largest and most visited feature is the massive Bazaar which contains treasures and merchants from every corner of Eberron. Other books depict the fantastic adventures sformreach sailors on the storm-tossed waves of the Thunder Sea and about their quick-witted stops in a port full of pirates.


As the storyline begins, a section of the Harbour wall below the Emperor is destroyed, revealing a rift to Khyber. Stormreach is a very remote city and some people like it that way. The city itself is roughly divided into nine more or less equal districts.

The other side of the district is the entertainment and vice found in the brothels and taverns of the Temple District. City of Stormreach is an accessory for the Eberron setting that describes the shadowy ruins, sinister organizations, and treasure-laden dungeons that make Stormreach such an appealing destination for player characters.

Despite this veneer, however, fights do happen between the two wards’ rival militias and gangs. For all intents and purposes, it is an independent nation with its own customs and traditions.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: Relics found in the jungles around Stormreach suggest an elven campaign of guerilla warfare lasting for centuries.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Articles lacking sources from July All articles lacking sources Pages to import images to Wikidata Articles to be expanded from September All articles to be expanded Articles with empty sections from September All articles with empty sections Articles using small message boxes. Some scholars believe this silence is due to shame — that their sahuagin ancestors were corrupted by a dark malevolence. The authenticity of this claim has been commented on by more than one visitor to the city, a modern thriving trading city nestling in the ruins of an ancient giant city.

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