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This diversity mirrors, among other factors, the geographical and social divide of the space where it develops. In this way, the CCIs act as a confederation of activities organized around creation, transformation and consumption of knowledge, ideas and cultural symbols.

Creative Industries in Brazil: Analysis of Specifics Cases for a Country in Development

For this reason, we analyze the sectorial development in respect to the creation of employment, income, emphasizing the actions and policies directed to both segments, through information provided by the Social Information Annual Report RAIS 1 and the Brazilian Association of Digital Game Developers Abragames.

The use of inputs from other chains, such as sensors and electronic actuators, and photonic filaments, for example, creates unprecedented complexities for the clothing technology, from its conception to its actual manufacture. And, when it is chosen to invest in cultural and creative segments, the initiative is restricted to management of extant assets, which fragments and discontinues initiatives.

Concerning to analyze those segments that are important to Brazil creative economy and were benefited by Communication and Information Technologies in different forms, this paper intends to identify the presence of competences in human resources with territorial identity, access and use of innovative resources for production, distribution and financing, besides local differences, in a regional perspective.

Economia e Cultura da Moda no Brasil. Such movement has raised self-esteem, empowerment and autonomy among the actors involved in this process.

In Belo Horizonte, these initiatives are more recent 10 and less integrated with other policies. Theory, Industry and Policy Implications. Sobre desafios, os impasses e as perspectivas de um Brasil Criativo. Anyway, this paper presented two relevant CCI sectors for the Brazilian industry and their insertion in the world scenario, besides their local traits in the distribution throughout the territory, the capacity of using CITs and the formation of a cultural identity, important attributes in the constitution of a creative economy.


The average wage is much lower than in the digital games and apps sector, with a great emphasis on the subsectors of clothing, footwear, accessories, jewellery, and bijouteries.

In the third part, we analyze the sectorial development in respect to the creation of employment, income, emphasizing the actions and policies directed to both segments. In Potts [15]he points that CCIs are not only intensive in innovation and rapid growth, since they also overflow these advancements to other economic sectors.

In spite of the mildly disheartening context, there are segments of the Brazilian creative economy emerging or consolidating in this scenario, due to the mentioned creative and cultural diversity, initiatives of entrepreneurs, producers, artists and some institutional actions directed to stimulate the cultural and creative industries CCIs. Scientific Research An Academic Publisher.

TEL Most popular papers. The second focuses in a theoretical approach on the traits of the Brazilian CCIs. A visao de futuro para However, innovation in services, especially the ones related to the CCIs, becomes evident by its aesthetical, symbolical and intellectual aspect. The National Culture Plan, fromcan also be considered a fundamental point, because it consolidated an ample comprehension of culture capable ancne encompassing the many sectors of the creative economy.

On the other hand, as Paglioto [21] points out that the entrance of peripheral countries can contribute to maintain the external dependence, once that the initial conditions continue being unequal in many structural aspects, which reinforces the existence fdital a dual productive system in terms that are technological, educational, of worker insertion which represents high rates of informality.

The Brazilian digital games industry is an emerging sector, composed of small and medium size companies highly dependent on imported software.

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The creative industry is one of the sectors that have benefited most from it. Estacao das Letras e Cores, Sao Paulo. The research on eeital and innovation also includes the creative design and modeling.

In this perspective, due to their creativity and production capacity, these events have inspiration from other important Brazilian cultural events such as carnival parades, the Parintins oxen anicne religious festivals.

In the underground scene, the Casa dos Criadores was created to be an event to discover young designers and new markets, using alternative spaces.

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From this decade on, Brazil was influenced by international fashion trends 15 and this forced national stylists to return to their regional identities. In these environments, as well as in government programs that are not connected to universities, the companies are incubated, accelerated, mentored, and inserted into a network formed by other 200 of the segment, having the opportunity to participate in national and international events.


Among them, the disarticulated actions of an industrial policy that concentrates resources in already consolidated sectors, such as automotive industry, oil and civil construction. In the same year, the public notice Jogos BR is published and it proposed to finance projects on national games production.

Data published by Edial indicate a recovery from this scenario inafter a two-year recession [35]. Thus, we observe an increase in the production and consumption of intangible goods, market globalization, growth of the third sector, especially communications, finance, logistics, culture, entertainment, among others.

It was hence subject of a quick modernization [33]. In the case of developing countries, such as Brazil, it is not different, although local distinctions are present. However, some actions did create results: According to the evolutionary theory, based on Schumpeter [11]innovation is defined in economic terms as the creation of new products and processes related to the development, distribution and diffusion of the economy, constituting in a force of support of the capitalist dynamic in the long run [10].

Also, cultural activities are not given high priority in the distribution of budget resources, having to compete with important areas such as education, health, basic sanitation, among others.

It has 26 associated development studios, as well as 11 support companies and 7 educational institutions, according to Raoni Aldrich Dorim, president of 20008 association and partner of Mopix Games [29].

However, the degree of consumption was substantially enhanced by the expanded access to smartphones and other mobile media 3. References [ 1 ] Baumol, W. Former seamstresses should be able to operate different machines in assembly processes involving other skills, other than those that have been required for manual workers for centuries [39].

To many governmental administrations, culture eital still considered superfluous and a luxury, occupying a lesser priority position in the public expenditure.

In addition to the evolutionary character of the CCIs, another important question is the formation of clusters.

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