The Educated Imagination has ratings and 97 reviews. Mohammad said: مطالعه ی این کتاب من را قانع کرد که تخیل واقعا فرهیخته است! در نهایت پی می بریم ک. FOR THE PAST twenty-five years I have been teaching and studying English literature in a university. As in any other job, certain questions stick in one’s mind, . “What good is the study of literature? Does it help us think more clearly, or feel more sensitively, or live a better life than we could without it?” Written in the.

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If you are looking to challenge yourself, read this book and form a new plan of attack for your literary consumption. If you keep on studying ‘English’, you find yourself trying to read Shakespeare and Milton. Shakespeare and Milton, whatever their merits, are not the kind of thing you must know to hold any place in society at all.

But people don’t get into planes because they want to fly; they get into planes because they want to get somewhere else faster. This human society after a while will transform the island into something with a human shape. It raises questions that will not be answered until Frye has set out a general theory of literature. Eudcated, we use the language of usefulness, verbs, and words of action–professional jargon, specialized. Bloomington, IN iuporder indiana.

Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. One of the most important books of my education. What imaginaiton he trying to get across? There was nothing revelatory about this book. The Vocation of Eloquence. There’s that word ‘want’ again.

Tom Willard’s Study Guide to “The Educated Imagination” | The Educated Imagination

The Educated Imagination Literature: Thanks for telling us about the problem. And that’s a process that can never stop, no matter how high our Titovs and Glenns may go. You have an intellect that feels curious about it and wants to study it, and you have feelings or emotions that see it as beautiful or austere or terrible. Frye’s first two books, Fearful Symmetry and Anatomy of Criticism set forth the influential literary principles upon which he continued to elaborate in his numerous later works.


So he produces what Baudelaire called a ‘suggestive magic including at the same time object and subject, the world outside the artist and the artist himself. Although I have been a life-long reader, this slim book has shed some light on the dark areas of my northfop that need to be exercised, put on a firm regime of mental northdop, which begins now with a reintroduction of my Bible, poetry of all ages, and the classics of Latin and Greek.

Northrop Frye – The Educated Imagination

It’s largely educwted language of nouns and adjectives. Hence there is a progressive element in the study and teaching of literature: Written in the relaxed and frequently humorous style of his public lectures, this remains, of Northrop Frye’s many books, perhaps the easiest introduction to his theories of literature and literary education.

When you meet such a character as Micawber in Dickens, you don’t feel that there must have been a man Dickens knew who was exactly like this: Frye uses his strong and fluent prose to answer these questions. Then there’s the level of social participation, the working or technological language of teachers and preachers and politicians and advertisers and lawyers and journalists and scientists.

Overall, a commendable book because he has succeeded at a noble task that imwgination worth re-reading again and again I know I will be doing that myself, and I look forward to it!


An exercise in explaining not only what literature should do for you, but what you should look for as reader.

And How do we best teach literature?. He posits three kinds of language within a language – that of ordinary conversation and self-expression; of conveying information in a practical sense; and of the imagination, i.

We said that the desire to fly produced the aeroplane. This book is his six lectures, and if you’re hoping for a review as intelligent as this book is, you’ve come t Northrop Frye is a famous Canadian English literature professor who imaginaton quite a few books on literary theory, among other achievements.

Conceived thus, a myth is a metaphor placed in time, and a metaphor is a myth take out of time. He contrasts the study of literature with that of physical sciences to demonstrate the power and importance of the human imagination.

The Educated Imagination

Shelley’s essay is a wonderful piece of writing, but it’s not likely to convince anyone who needs convincing. Frye’s proposals for the teaching of literature include an early emphasis on poetry, the “central and original literary form,” intensive study of the Bible, as literature, and the Greek and Latin classics, as these embody all the great vrye themes of western man, and study of the great literary forms: It seems to be very difficult for many people to understand the reality and intensity of literary experience.

Thi I read this book for the first time in high school and I remember being wowed by it, even though I had some trouble completely grasping it.

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