and could be about the same size as Eds other book Magnetic Current. I see a photo of Edward Leedskalnin holding a copy of the book, “A. Edward Leedskalnin (modern Latvian: Edvards Liedskalniņš) (January 12, – December 7, Edward was a sickly boy who often spent time reading books, which helped him to develop an inquisitive mind and .. Ed Leedskalnin’s Magnetic Current illustrated; Māris Goldmanis, Researcher at University of Latvia. Edward Leedskalnin’s Writings / Booklets: “I have discovered the secrets of the In Magnetic Current and complimentary writings, Leedskalnin.

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Ed was a skilled electrical engineer who had done extensive experimentation with electro-magnetism. Leedskalnin’s ideas may appear unusual. When the coil leeskalnin out of the U shape magnet’s effective distance the currents running stop. The North lights are caused by the North and South Pole magnets passing in concentrated streams, but the streams are not as much concentrated as they are in the lightning.

Edward Leedskalnin’s Writings / Booklets | Ancient Knowledge

The magnet poles are pulling and pushing the Earth in axis way. Wherever each kind of magnets are running in their way, they are hitting their own kind of magnets and are pushing them in the same direction. This was 1 of only two books that he wrote that are available today. You can do the same thing with the copper wire in using iron filings, but only on a smaller scale. In this part of Florida, the coral in some areas can be up to 4, feet thick. I think the north and south pole individual magnets are running in an orbit around a common core in an atom the same way as they run in an orbit around a common core in the perpetual motion holder that I made.

That is why we are not educated. This should be sufficient to see that the North and South Pole magnets are holding together everything. The battery put just as much magnet in those iron prongs the first time as it did the last time, but as you see the coil did not get the magnets. If you try to scan Eds works with a modern scanner, soo much will be lost.


Now you have an electric magnet. Now take the iron bar off, then you will get more of the light. This is the way the North and South Pole individual magnets are running out of the coil’s wire lengthwise.

Edward Leedskalnin

The earth itself is a great big magnet. Connect each end of a fresh terrapin muscle with each terminal of a battery, then you will see how the muscles are contracted.

All planets and the sun have magnet poles. Keep the loop end a foot apart, stretch South side wire straight, make it so it cannot move. Moser homestead and is planning to erect a home soon. Live ScienceNovember 8, Perpetual transformation is going on with this Earth all the time. Cut six pieces of fishing wire one inch long, put them by middle on top and across the copper eedward. To see how the currents are running out of the coil’s wire watch those six one-inch long magnets which lie on the glass.

When the magnets bkok are in bulk form enter the coil then the coil divides them in small paths. That is why you got two light flashes while the coil passed through the field magnet only one time. Edward Leedskalnin modern Latvian: ABIEH yields 10 to 20 significant “lock” when moving one across another. When a girl is sixteen or seventeen years old, she is as good as she ever will be, but when a boy is sixteen years old, he is then fresher than in all his stages of development. From this you can see that the magnet can be shifted and concentrated and also you can see that the metal is not the real magnet.

The one in the picture looks like it is bigger and could be about the same size as Eds other book Magnetic Current. How do you feel about how the title is lined up? Unlock the wisdom It shows up better in other versions of the cover, but you can see a man with a Feather in his hair SE of Eds left bpok using overlays on the back Inside cover you can find a full image of the man In a few of Eds photos the user needs to flip the book to see images underneath or if you look between Eds legs more is always good.


The hanging magnets that hang up and down, they show that there is motion inside the bar. Since the individual North and South pole magnets are considered by Leedskalnin leedskalnih be the base of everything, he is able to move in and out of seemingly unrelated scientific topics with ease drawing awakening correlations between them and shedding light on the true inner workings of our world and universe.

Views Read Edit View history. Do Re “Mi” Mi Moon? Do not buy Kessinger books. I have been tempering the other steel magnets, and have noticed erward the harder the steel gets the smaller it becomes. Those who want to know how North and South pole individual magnets contract the muscles.

They are looking in the wrong direction.

Edward Leedskalnin’s Writings / Booklets

In the Northern Hemisphere, the North pole magnets are coming down, and the South pole magnets are going up. October edited October You will see that one end of the magnet keeps boo, the loop, and the other outside, and the same thing happens when the magnet crosses the connection between the terminals. To run one current will have to run against the other.

I think this is enough to show that the soft iron never held those magnets. To be of practical use they will have to be in great numbers. You are commenting using your Twitter account. They hold together this earth and everything on it, and they hold together the moon, too.

The reading is not intended for the general public. To prove it you put five or six thin iron strips on edge, slant just so they will not flop over, now approach to the ends of those strips with a magnet and you will see they flop over, hold the exward a little loose by the ends.

They are so small that they can pass through anything. Ed teaches new understandings into many topics:

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