The pizza is cooked in an Effeuno PH electric oven from Italy, which reaches temperatures between and degrees Celsius. Effeuno PH and settings/temperature. «on: July 22, , PM». Hey, just got my PH and already fired it up once to check it out. Quality and. Ciao. Sto cercando una calotta lampada forno più sottile rispetto a quella in dotazione, per non toccarla quando inforno. Sapete dove.

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It heats to degrees after about minutes and pizzas can effeunp cooked in about 8 minutes. Search for ” gsans neapolitan pizza” in internet. Just in case anyone it interested, here’s the link:. Pendleton Power – High Gluten. You can’t see the pizza while it’s being cooked. It’s possible to get these ovens in the US. Efffeuno back to the conventional oven which seems to work just fine.

Sign In to reply to this post. I still didn’t figure out this oven completly. He has one of those ovens. Comment on Mike’s Reply.


Effeuno | Forni elettrici professionali ed accessori per pizza e pane

How to Season a Pizza Pan. I am trying to figure out home solution: Comment on marlboro’s Reply. I cannot efffuno good old Napolitana in that oven: Olek, I haven’t seen this specific model, but I’ve seen ones similar to it. Hey Raj, thanks for your help.

Brian Dietrich posted over 3 years ago. Comment on Aleksander’s Reply.

Tony’s Artisan 00 – High Gluten. I hadn’t heard of the Effeuno oven until now, but it looks cool. Comment on Raj’s Reply.

Electric oven / commercial / deck / pizza – PH – effeuno

The solutions you suggest are pp134h outdoor solution, am I right? Hey Mike, thanks for your help and reply. How much is the oven?

Popular Tags dough neapolitan-style detroit-style new-york-style sicilian-style master-dough equipment flour troubleshooting chicago-style pizza-bible starter ingredients fermentation yeast tomatoes sauce mozzarella poolish deep-dish oven cheese recipe wood-fired-oven pans. Previously it was called G3 Ferrari Pizza Oven. I live in Poland.


“Pizza Express Napoli” oven – does anyone use? any opinons?

Blackstone and 2stone are hard to get from the states. I hope it ca regain heat pretty fast, as heating coil is very close to pizza. Olek, Don’t waste your money on a toy like this. I’m not effsuno about internationally. Best solution is to buy an effeuno ph oven for home use for neapolitan pizza. We’re excited to offer the finest pizza flours available.

Also, you’re limited to an 11″ pizza. Maybe you have previous one?

Sign In to comment on this reply. These are great high temperature ovens for home users. Comment on Brian’s Reply.

That’s true, you cannot see inside while cooking and all the heat espaces while opening. Suppliers dont want to ship to europa.

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