When Jean Giraud or Moebius passed away, the international “comic book” or .. El Incal es una suerte de deidad que por casualidad o no cae en manos de un. Mar 11, EL INCAL () by Alejandro Jodorowsky & Moebius | El Incal Negro. Yet, as Jodorowsky told Moebius: “Failure does not exist. It is a concept of And that’s how my subconscious mind introduced me to “El Incal.”.

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Dec 07, Ill D rated it did not like it Recommends it for: His father, Olivier DiFool rapidly runs afoul of the law in wearing a fake halo that is the mark of an aristo. Final Incal – Hardcover Trade”.

I dreamed I was flying in intergalactic space. Just what I needed to take my mind off of a sprained neck and shoulder.

Jodorowsky/Moebius El Incal | El Nerdo | Pinterest | Jean giraud, Moebius art and Moebius artist

A carnival of detail, turning only occasionally to large-scale panels, it has won numerous accolades for its renderings of the seedy urban future, forests of glass, undersea plants. Jan 30, C. May 19, Max added it.

Preview — The Incal by Alejandro Jodorowsky. Archived from the original on Later, a monster dies in front of DiFool in a corridor, handing him a small box as lncal expires.

Filmovi su vjerovatno i uspjeli, jer su snimljeni u vrijeme kada je new age mistika bila u usponu. It was then, as I mentioned, a story of epic proportions, but the storytelling was lacking.


The original colors have been restored and feel like a luscious strip of candy dots, saturated with sugar and color, placed on your tongue for each page turned.


This is actually six volumes in one formatted and translated into English. Pretty good Incal is not you’re average Sci-Fi, hell you cant even call this a Sci-fi at all. Jodorowsky is known primarily as a filmmaker, chiefly for the early s psychedelic masterpieces El Topo and The Holy Mountain A Few Questions for Alejandro Jodorowsky”. I just didn’t like this.

I have to think Grant Morrison borrows a lot from this.

The Incal by Alejandro Jodorowsky

Arguably, while the techno-fetish side of cyber-punk was influenced by Japanese Manga Otomo’s “Akira” – Giraud gave it the “film-noir” aspect. His father chooses remodeling.

And of course- cyber-punk went and informed everything else. In this cyborg future seemingly any mutation is possible. Thank you for signing up!

I won’t give any examples, as I think that would take away from the enjoyment of reading this book. Jodorowsky initially didn’t have a script, but recounted and mimed the ideas to Moebius who sketched the scenario, recorded their conversation on tape, and they jointly altered the plot.

Being true to the sci-fi genre, it also dealt with pressing social subjects, like the indifference of the individual and the media manipulation by the leading elite, which allowed in my view the Darkness I am sorry, but I couldn’t like “The Incal” as much as I wanted. I disegni di Moebius reggono bene le fantasie di Jodorowsky e aggiungono corpo e sangue: A Wilderness of Contradictions: The center of the concept is DiFool’s fantastic spiritual journey or initiation [12] on a cosmic scale, which he is reluctant to accept; he constantly wishes to return to his own ignorant reality of simple hedonistic pleasures.


The story is a considerably more straightforward noir tale of boundless urban corruption with the relative absence of spiritualistic elements, which dips deeper into exploring the urban fabric of the world of The Incal.

There is a planet whose gravity is so ferocious that creatures must crawl flat. Please, be more careful the next time.

In fairness to Jodo – moebiks films are amazing when any pretense of these elements of storytelling are bypassed completely. At the very least, can someone call a cease-fire to his out of control use of exclamation points?

Who because there are a lot of things that are very similar. Mar 20, Doyle rated it it was ok Shelves: Getting it for Christmas! Brian Michael Bendis Foreword.

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