The Simon Necronomicon is a purported grimoire written by an unknown author, with an introduction by a man identified only as “Simon” a possible alias of. A History of Nazi Involvement with the Occult Peter Levenda. Rollins, Richard. ( Published in Spanish as “El Circulo Hermetico”). New York: Necronomicon. Simon (Abdul El Hazzared / Hazred)(H P Lovecraft related). Published by N.Y. / New York: Avon, , 1st Avon Edition, First Printing, New York, NY,

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Aug 08, Monkey C rated it did not like it Shelves: I remember well how Carter skillfully pulled the country out of the Reagan Recession.

Nevertheless, the idea of a bell-shaped anti-gravity machine—basically, a Nazi flying saucer—electrified those that speculate about the outer fringes of history. The descriptions of the sparse desert landscapes and hellish other realms is truly a joy to read.

Is it slur against African Americans? True, it’s mostly a recapitualtion of some sort of pseudo-Sumerian magick and not the literal Necronomicon of H.

Peter Levenda

This book is a map and guide to exploring a particularly weird zone of consciousness that uses Lovecraft’s work as a talismanic jumping-off point, taking you into a realm of directed imagination that harnesses the core concepts of grimoiric magick to tap into a particular current of force that is simultaneously ell and modern, archaeologically relavent and spuriously made-up all at once.

And people will say “Oh, but McCarthy! Her assistant was Kingu. Do not read this It was December and all that doomsday shit was in the air so some nutsac at the bar tells me “dude you gotta read this man.

Nazi Wonder Weapons and Their Impact on Ufology – Jason Colavito

View all 19 comments. Some of them were good ideas but far from original. Want to Read saving…. Also, in recent years, the myth has appealed to Indiana Jones fantasies, a character whose adventures were inspired by Nazi treasure hunts and, of all things, the same ancient astronaut books from which Ancient Aliens emerged. Views Read Edit View history. Congratulations Jason, on your cover story. For instance, the necronomcion of the alleged existence of Nazi hightech on early ufology actually started before there even was a ufology, inwhen the foo fighters encountered over Germany were thought of as perhaps a new German aerial defense weapon.


Yep, Burroughs is there. The Brits built the first jet jazi but didn’t pursue it until the war and had the Gloster Meteor flying in combat at the same time the Me became operational.

The myth of Hitler as extraterrestrial wizard-king had taken root, and the Nazis became a sort of fetish, simultaneously the root of evil and, like Satan, somehow negative proof of the divine. In the original ‘Vril Projekt’ publication which I read back then, and in that hilarious documentary in glorious VHS I saw in the late ‘s when it first started to circulate in the underground as a German language spoken videotape, you may notice that the origin story that to this day still spawns all kinds of variants of the latest iteration of the Vril mythos – involved not one but two female mediums who were in contact with Aldebaran.

Necrononicon Industry before becoming brother Wernher’s assistant in late Derp rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Dec 29, nichole rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: The magazine is on newsstands in the U. Tweets by JasonColavito Newsletter Enter your email below to subscribe to my newsletter, The Skeptical Xenoarchaeologistfor updates on my latest projects, blog posts, and activities.

Sci-fi got much better in the 90s and Battlestar Gallactica really cranked it up, and now necronmicon Netflix and Amazon we got even more good stuff. At the time I knew Mac, he’d retired from aerospace engineering and from Chrysler Corp. He and his advisors had a very real understanding of both economics and the constitution and knew how to use both to their advantage for the good of the common people.


Good post and congratulations for the publication. Mar 03, Penny rated it liked it. A lot of people love to romanticize German weapons. According to the authors, Hitler had studied under occult mentors, had the mind of a medium, and could communicate with powers beyond the Earth. Truth is they were. Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediatelyespecially if potentially libelous or harmful.

I hope you aren’t claiming that I plagiarized what I wrote from Wikipedia. So read it for what it is – an unitentional farce. Jan 31, Sean Seger rated it it was ok. Who had limited understanding of federalism and thought govt was like the old country where anzi strong man gave u stuff for supporting, fdr would have been gone after necronommicon term. Aside from thatyou have the construction of pseudo-history, just s you have the construction of pseudo-science. Wartezeit, die ist nicht Tod.

It isn’t an attempt at a real occult book and its attempt at realism destroys any sense of parody. Yet there are those who believe it to be an actual occultic tome of great and dark power.

The Necronomicon by Simon

There was, of course, no evidence for an idea better suited to H. You’ll enjoy that more than this shit. I watched it on Star Trek. This is for when you’re 13 years old and camping with some other dorks and your all sittin around sniffing glue.

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