El Pozo (Spanish, Book) / Author: Baldomero Lillo ; ; Modern fiction, General & literary fiction, Fiction, Books. Buy Pozo, El (Spanish Edition): Read Kindle Store Reviews – BALDOMERO LILLO’S UNDERGROUND LITERARY MODERNISM sordo, lejano, casi imperceptible, broto´ de la ham- brienta boca del pozo de la cual se.

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Here Lillo pursues the color black with singular purpose much as other Modernist authors pursued the transcendent meaning of other colors Cuentos de colores by M. Breve historia del modernismo. In The Presence of Mystery: Toward the end of the story, the narrator writes that: Modernist Fiction and the Occult.

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Let’s connect Contact Details Facebook Twitter. Although the baldomeri is blind, he seems to be capable, and the foreman asks him to join the company.

Click here to sign up. The Concept of Modernism in Hispanic Criticism. The present essay thus proposes an alternative interpretation—reading Lillo not through the work of his naturalist model but in fact against Zola.

Books by Baldomero Lillo

Wayne State University Press, Nevertheless, it is also suprisingly attentive to the creation of mood, atmosphere. Lo mismo nos pasa a todos. Ediciones Cuadernos Americanos, Two pages earlier in the story, he refers to this monster with a concrete and disturbing image, showcasing a characteris- tically Modernist-inspired propensity for the description of fantastic and other-worldly experiences: Twentieth-Century Spanish American Fiction.


Here, the mine as a physical environment —a place of unbearable heat and scarce ventilation 49 — mirrors the social limitations faced by those living in the mining village.

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Hammering the point home is the climax, when it is revealed that not only will the miner not receive his pay, but that instead he even owes money to the company office. In the opening paragraph of Germinal Zola writes of the desolate character of the mining zone traversed by his main character Etienne as an ocean combining both metaphor and simile. Juan, like both Etienne and the anarchist Souvarine of the French novel ofis a newcomer to the area who drastically changes the bxldomero of the culture of the mines.

Conclusion In their refusal to embrace fully either a strict Naturalism or a canonical Modernism, the stories contained in Sub terra constitute a complex literary production that deserves to be more carefully mined by contemporary scholars able to work outside canonical categorizations.

University of New Mexico Press, But Lillo perhaps most clearly engages a characteristically Zola-esque Naturalism in the attention he places on faithful descriptions of the drudgery and hard labor li,lo mining work itself, as in the following typical example: What Zola has neglected to exploit —and what has not escaped Lillo, himself an informed and im- pressed reader of Germinal— is the dramatic possibility contained in the description of the scene whereby the horse is physically extracted from the mouth of the mine.


Literatura hispanoamericana de protesta social. Caution is certainly in order: The Center for Curriculum Development, For example, at loot. The story narrates two days in the life of a presumably typical miner poz goes by the nickname Cabeza de Cobre on account of his reddish-hair.

After the strike is begun by the workers, the now lifeless mine is compared to a dying manand after it is flooded by the anarchist Souvarine, the narrator notes: Now conceived more abstractly balcomero monster is neither the physical mine nor the landowning class but instead capital itself and the set of social and economic relations that has earned the name capitalist.

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Duke University Press, University Press of America, Skip to main content. If you have persistent cookies enabled as well, then we will be able to remember you across browser restarts and computer reboots. Moreover, critics writing in English have been particularly slow in ex- ploring his work, and thus slow in introducing readers of English to his ideas and works. El hallazgo y otros cuentos del mar.

Nevertheless, he has also changed much.

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