Electrolux WH 25lb Soft Mount Washer Extractor. SKU: WH. Extremely Low water Consumption; Compass control Features AWS-Automatic Weighing. WH – (11kg) Washer Extractor available to rent or buy from Acer Equipment, suppliers of commercial laundry equipment. Electrolux WH washing machine front loading Suspended frame l G-factor front loaded washer extractor with programmable Clarus .

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You agree to abide by MST Auctioneers Ltd full Terms and Conditions of Sale and any other special terms and conditions as stated in this notice and on i-bidder. The front cover is located directly above the drain, while the other is in front of the element retainer.

The door will be locked. Our presses with nickel-plated head reduce heat loss and save energy. When you do, the current function for example, rinse will be interrupted. The machine must be unladen when you use this function, i. This screen shows the stored tare parameter unit: Contact us for shipping prices to your country.

OIf you want to cancel the delayed start: You may be interested in user manuals. Procedure for use Automatic return to normal display Once you have selected any of the functions below, you must make any changes required within 20 seconds. Procedure for use 49 For machines with weighing equipment installed only! Equipment is customised to your country requirements before shipping. Registration for bidding is only via i-bidder.

All lots in this sale will attract VAT on the hammer price. Calibration weight A weight of between 40 kg and kg should be used as a calibration weight. Press SMC if you want to take the program from the memory card.


Procedure for use 55 Memory card General introduction A memory card is a plastic card, the size of a credit card, with an electronic memory chip inside it.

You can switch off water level reduction at any stage of a program. The actual net weight is shown in large digits on the display.

Electrolux WH Specifications |

If you do want to reset the register: Two types of manual operation There are two types of manual operation, which should not be confused: Continue in the same way as described above. Ends from 16 Jun Always lock the door first!

Please enquire for your destination point requirements. This memory card is capable of storing 10 to 15 wash programs of normal size. Procedure for use 45 For machines with weighing equipment installed only!

Electrolux W4105H 25lb Soft Mount Washer Extractor

De meeste componenten van de machine kunnen worden hergebruikt, maar hij bevat ook ander materiaal dat op een juiste wijze moet worden behandeld. Connect the weighing equipment and try again. The Auctioneers reserve the right to reject electrplux bids, and acceptance of all final bids is subject to approval by our client.

Using rapid advance backwards allows you to repeat one or more program steps. Press c one or more times The next time a program is started, water level reduction will occur automatically again.

Export of goods within the EEC — The sale can be zero rated for VAT on production of a current valid letterhead from the company purchasing the goods with a valid VAT registration number from the country concerned. Send a copy to my email address. Please ring electrplux further details.

If you have entered the wrong number Enter the correct number to overstrike the earlier one. Such monies shall be paid if full by the date specified in the Notice Section of the sale details. This sale is not classed as a consumer sale within the meaning of the Supply of Goods Implied Terms Act Auto restart means that the same program will be repeated one or more times, according to the number set.


Purchasers may be required to pay a deposit on lots which may cause damage or leave a hole in the fabric of the building after removal. Lots will be offered at set intervals — see catalogue for timing details. Please contact ellectrolux auction office. Your bid is a legally binding contract to purchase, if you are not suredo not bid as we are unable to cancel your purchase and there will be NO refunds electrolyx. We reserve the right to charge the card registered with the auction platform site for the full amount outstanding 9.

Lease Quote Call for a competitive quote. Tailored to your needs Extra Spin models are robust and reliable in any type of installation which needs a basic product. When a wash program is started, the correct program is retrieved from the program memory and copied into the operating memory.

If the load is not a full one, the water level will be reduced according to a water level reduction table. Due to data protection, all software and data on computers will be removed before sale. Therefore, never mix the machine or its parts with domestic waste eelectrolux this may lead to health hazards or damage to the environment.

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