OLEG D. JEFIMENKO West Virginia University. Electrostatic M o t o r s It is also interesting to note that certain types of electrostatic motors were frequently. From Oleg D. Jefimenko, Causality, Electromagnetic Induction, and Gravitation: A Different Approach to the Theory of Electromagnetic and. Electrostatic Motors. Oleg Jefimenko and David K. Walker. Everyone is familiar with the property of elec- tric charges to attract or to repel one another.

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You can power your motors with a laboratory high-voltage supply, a Van de Graff generator, or a Wimhurst machine or any other high-voltage source. Then we noticed that the disk always stopped with one side down. Jefimenko thinks that earth-field antennas could be built to extract viable amounts of it. It twirled merrily from electric power drawn out of thin air.

At higher altitudes the rate decreases.

When the rotor was balanced and power was applied, the motor immediately came up to speed, but it shook violently. The rotor must be balanced both statically and dynamically. Energy in this form cannot be drawn on directly for driving moors electric motors. Listen to Bill Miller and get that order off to Amazon. One first thought is the consideration of causality. Later, you can make the whole thing permanent by putting a little solvent along the joints.

The rotor consisted of a pair of electrets in the shape of sectors supported at opposite ends of a shaft. As the thimbles grazed that jar, a spark would again transfer charge, which was of opposite polarity. The tinsel functioned as multiple needle points.

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Oleg D. Jefimenko

The weight in pounds that a helium-filled balloon of spherical electrowtatic can lift is roughly equal to a quarter of the cube of its radius in feet. Such balloons, each three feet in diameter, and the helium to inflate them are available from the Edmund Scientific Co.

Unshielded electrets attract neutralizing ions from the air and lose their charge within hours or days. So they must be built with watch-making precision. Instead of sandwiching the electret alternately between pairs of metal plates, Jefimenko employs opposing pairs of adjacent plates [see illustration at rightt]. Would you believe an electric motor made almost entirely of plastic?

That can run on power transmitted through open jefikenko What can I say? But whether or not we tap this energy source, the electrostatic motor could become important on its own. Retrieved from ” https: These are truly books full of thought-provoking new ways of looking at tired old physics!

Oleg D. Jefimenko – Wikipedia

He rigged a wagon-wheel-sized, horizontally mounted device with 30 glass spokes. Alternatively the rotor could be made cylindrical to carry electrodes in the form of long strips or plates. The effect, which is variously known as St. Never fly the balloon in a city or in any other location where the antenna can drift into electrosattic with a high-voltage power line.

He was trying to develop and expand Newton’s theory, making it compatible electrostatiic the principle of causality and making it applicable to time-dependent gravitational interactions.

A moment later, we lost count. Jefimenko’s expansion, or generalization, is based on the existence of the second gravitational force field, the ” cogravitationalor Heaviside’s field “. The earth is an electrical conductor. So is the ionosphere, the layer of ionized gas about 70 kilometers over our heads. Do not connect the antenna to an insulated object of substantial size, such as an automobile. Both surfaces of the disk were coated with a film of gold, except for a boundary around the edge.


The shaft can be made of plastic that turns in air bearings.

Van Wyck and G. This design needs no foil lining or backing because a potential gradient exists between electrodes on opposite sides of the disks. On the night of Sept.

The Poggendorff motor looked simple; we slapped it together in a couple of hours, hooked up the power source — and nothing happened. Jefimenko would like to set up a large antenna in such a spot, then aim an ultraviolet laser beam at a receiving site miles away at ground level. Estimates of the stored energy range from a million kilowatts to a motofs kilowatts. Views Read Edit View history. A strip of plastic is placed between sets of knife-edge electrodes slanted to initiate motion in the desired direction.

The rotor was thus constructed much like a modern flat-plate capacitor. One model consists of a series of disks mounted on a common shaft. This site uses cookies.

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