Whatever your image of an individual with schizophrenia, I am willing to bet it is not Elyn Saks. Perhaps you think of the malodorous woman who sits on a park. “The Center Cannot Hold should be read by anyone interested psychiatric hospital. Saks would later attend Yale Law School ELYN R. SAKS. liJHYPERIONI. THE CENTER CANNOT HOLD: MY JOURNEY THROUGH MADNESS But it is the briefest bio on the inside, telling us that author Elyn Saks is.

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A Memoir of Schizophrenia

I actually think this memoir may have been ghost written, as in the acknowledgements Saks thanks Larkin Warren who “helped xenter the book to light, in a way that will allow me to ‘speak’ to more people in these pages.

Debbie at October 27, Nov 01, Diana Connor rated it it was amazing.

Oct 13, Modern Hermeneut rated it really liked it. In that regard I don’t envy Elyn, who still has a hard time of it. To be put in a hospital cenetr an extreme version of that.

First, there are usually pretty severe side effects such as permanent nerve damage that causes you to twitch and spasm constantly, have trouble thinking clearly, have no energy and put on a lot of weigh It’s a little sad and frustrating when people read this and say things like “whenever she’s off her meds, she has an episode, she should just stay on them!


Nov 29, Jgknobler rated it liked it.

The Center Cannot Hold: My Journey Through Madness

Hope for the future. There, craziness was celebrated, encouraged even, and romanticized. And I’m here struggling to form coherent sentences.

These are all words Saks uses to describe her experience. Today she is a chaired professor of law who researches and writes about the rights of the mentally ill. After I explained that I felt that it was very important for us to work together to reduce the stigmas often associated with mental health disorders, one of the students enthusiastically recommended Ms.

I had a dream. I’ve been taking care of myself for five years now. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

You were put in a mental hospital against your will. Was your illness evident when you were a child? Oh, and she has a doctorate in psychoanalysis, too. Compassion is what’s called for here!

She has also struggled with schizophrenia since her late teens, and relates her experie I found this memoir to be truly impressive. Or, something closer to home: In Schizo, the main character, a year old boy, tries to learn how to live with Schizophrenia.

Saks was only eight, and living an otherwise idyllic childhood Elyn Saks is a success by any measure: This book drove home for me how difficult mental illness is.


Somehow my analysis with Mrs. Here, we need to be sane to survive. From the riveting opening, Saks moves back in time to her childhood, where we begin to catch glimpses of her mental illness.

Christina Bruni at October 27, Hence, it is encouraged to go through this memoir to get an understanding and it will help everyone to become more compassionate and most importantly, will stop judging. The author was able to live a fulfilling life with a career, friends, and marriage.

This hlld added new depth to my ability to think about mental illness.

Schizophrenia Explained: The Center Cannot Hold by Elyn R. Saks (Book Review)

Congratulations on the upcoming poetry centre. Do you know what it feels like to believe your very thoughts can kill, that your loved ones are imposters conspiring against you?

No disrespect is intended; however, I wanted to give you my perception in response to your blog entry re: I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to understand more about schizophrenia or really any severe mental illness.

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