Emco Unimat SL and DB Manual (English) – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. This wasn’t easy to find!. Pure chance brought me then to the Emco Unimat SL small machine tool from the seventies. On ebay I followed the offers and after some time I went for one offer. The Unimat covers a range commercially sold machines intended for machining and metalworking for model making hobbyists manufactured by the Emco Emco[edit]. Unimat DB, Unimat DB; Unimat SL, Unimat SL; Unimat 3.

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It may well be that some owners, frustrated by the absence of a carriage lock on their early machines, could have fitted their own – so it is impossible to be categorical on this point.

Sold: Emco Unimat SL Lathe with Accessories – Niels Machines

This example also has a locking screw on the cross slide. Comes with everything show In order no doubt to give the unit a “machine-tool” or “technical” appearance it was finished, apart from the black-varnished field-lamination area, in an attractive crackle-black paint to match the uniamt. USA shipping only lower 48 states. Great for gunshithing and watchmaking.

It is likely that the Mk.

Sold: A used Emco Unimat SL Lathe with Accessories

Realising that one 6 mm screw clamping the casting to the slide bar was entirely adequate, Emco did not persist with this modification. The motor bracket, later a neat die-cast affair, was a rather rough aluminium casting with only the holes machined. However, one measured has been discovered to have an OD 0. Late s headstock with the vertical, hexagon-headed alignment pin.


That section of the base on which the headstock fitted was rectangular in shape, with a flat front, and bored to accept a large “inverted-cone” that allowed the headstock to be rotated or quickly detached.

The Instruction Book for the Mk. As a note of interest there were at least two designs of vertical column and methods of locking them in place: This model of the Unimat 1 has been upgraded to metal parts s cross slides that give the unit a higher level of accuracy.

It was designed to hold the small triangular tool rest or other accessories at the standard cross-slide height. The outside face of the front cone was ground to an abutment flange for items screwed onto the spindle nose – although this arrangement may have caused problems with the bearing adjustment, with heavier interrupted cuts tending to tighten the cone and reduce clearances. This article needs to be updated.

Of course, collectors have moved into the market and very early black-finish machines – and most of the accessories from any year – are very sought after and command high prices. For the American market the 2A Instruction book was published by “American Edelstaal” in New York and was a ujimat improvement over the original.

Emco Unimat SL Lathe – Niels Machines

Notable for the introduction of a rounded “step” in front of the headstock through which a simple vertical alignment pin could pass, this was the last version of the Unimat to use a cast-iron base. The vertical pillar was The Unimat covers a range commercially sold machines intended for machining and metalworking for model making hobbyists manufactured by the Emco company.

Late s carriage with a single locking screw on the cross slide, wasp-tail handles and crude, cast-in degree marking on the feed-screw handwheels.


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Unimat SL1000

By reversing the pulleys, and rearranging the belt runs, 11 speeds of approximately emmco r. The use of dies enabled the appearance of the base to be cleaned up somewhat and allowed an almost full-length, vertical flat face to be used.

A central leadscrew was used to drive the carriage up and down the bed rails. I take very good care of my tools. This page was last edited on 18 Septemberat Late s headstock with the vertical, hexagon-headed alignment pin Mk.

Eventually to be distributed world-wide – with importers using a variety of badges on the headstock – the first known advertisement for what was to become known as the DB in the USA, and SL in Europe, has been traced to page 60 in the October, issue of Model Railroader Magazine and placed by the original American importer Plasticast of Chicago, Illinois and Palo Alto, California.

It is capable fmco working mostly wood and plastics. This is not a factory part. You are getting two 2 new cup springs. Although the system worked well enough, it did not have the clamping power of the later type and would probably not have stood up well to the demands of heavier milling cuts.

Late s tailstock and leadscrew handwheel assembly.

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