Much Madness is divinest Sense – / To a discerning Eye – / Much Sense – the starkest Madness – / `Tis the Majority / In this, as All, prevail – / Assent – and you are. In ‘Much Madness is divinest Sense’ (), a definition poem, Emily Dickinson criticizes society’s inability to accept rebellion, arguing that the majority is the side . Written in the 19th century, ‘Much Madness is Divinest Sense’ is an eight line poem that expresses the feelings of every individual who has at least once thought.

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Quoc books view quotes. Exultation is the going: Blankette 1, books view quotes.

Quote by Emily Dickinson: “Much Madness Is Divinest Sense Much Madness is”

Alex books view quotes. If you agree to what the society thinks or believes in, you will be considered a part of the society. Metaphor Examples in Literature. To see what your friends thought of this quote, please sign up!


I taste a liquor never brewed: They want to make a fool out of everybody, and keep them in this deception till they perish. Assent – and you are sane Emily warns us that only if we agree to the illogical beliefs of the si, we are safe from any kind of mental torture.

Much Madness is Divinest Sense by Emily Dickinson: Summary and Critical Analysis

Mar 07, This is a fact known only by you and the person with ‘a discerning eye’ who can understand this real self in you. Teo books view quotes.

To fight aloud, is very brave: Garrett 3, books view quotes. Jan 05, Poets and philosophers value that divine madness most but practical men do not.

Josifina 47 books view quotes. Summary and Analysis The day came slow-till Five o’clock: Summary and Analysis I felt a Funeral, in my Brain: Kinga books view quotes. This society makes its rules on the basis of what it thinks emi,y right, and people follow it blindly, even if it is the stupidest thing ever.

Mar 09, This is where we are living, this is where we belong. Colette books view quotes.


Emily Dickinson – ” Much Madness is Divinest Sense”

May 20, Oct 30, The last three lines show how they are restricted. It can also be the anger and frustration of a weeping conscience bound by the chains of society that won’t let it breathe the air of freedom till it crumbles to dust.

Any change that comes for good, has never been accepted by the society until a few lives are sacrificed and tortured. Very few exist, who would be themselves regardless of what the society has to say.

Mar 05, Oct 20, Effing books view quotes. Mar 30, Dickinson rebelled against the majority rule by isolating herself from society, and then expressing her opinions to her few friends by sending them her poems.

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