The Waiting Years is a novel by Fumiko Enchi, set within the milieu of an upper class Japanese family in the last years of the 19th century. It was first published. Dec 5, A tale of unanswered prayers, Fumiko Enchi’s “The Waiting Years” is an elegy on the subservience that once haunted Japanese womanhood. TWITTER –> the-waiting-years-by-fumiko-enchihtml&amp.

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It won the most votes out of the 5 books Thw proposed, and coincidentally it was probably the one I wanted to read the most, so it worked out nicely: If you want that, don’t bother with this. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Do they still depict contemporary social structures?

Jun 09, Matt Raymond rated it really liked it Shelves: She marries off waitign 2 when her husband tires of her, sees that her daughter is married and settled comfortably and bites fumkko lip at the “secret” affair between her husband and her son’s wife, secret in that everyone knows about it apart from the son. This book is slow. She is highly perceptive and sensitive to the needs and feelings of others, and she deals ably with the affairs of the household and estates even though her literacy is limited.

The shock was enough to split his arrogant ego in two. There’s always a subtle sadness, a melancholy permeating through the words.

Change Can’t Come Fast Enough Within ‘The Waiting Years’ – PopMatters

After interviewing many young women and negotiating with their families, she finds the perfect young woman — 15 years old. This is a revealing and beautifully written novel about the lives of women in pre-World War Waitinng Japan.

Trenendamente duro,ver como una mujer le busca rnchi concubina a su marido The book was pretty good but I felt the characters were a bit underdeveloped. As secrets go, this state of affairs was an open secret hidden only to the truly naive.


Wife and concumine unde one roof, they both suffers very much. The unripe damsons plucked resembled the young mistresses that had entered the Shirakawa household with an illusionary legitimacy in the family registry.

The women in this novel are, in a sense, within their own sort of stasis—they are bound to their husbands regardless of their own reluctance or trepidation when it comes to accepting what their husbands’ desire, even if that desire is for several concubines. But those men are no allies of the women Shirakawa oppresses. And Suga beginns to love her master and suffers jealousy and hateres toward Tomo, but feels pitty for her, too.

Change Can’t Come Fast Enough Within ‘The Waiting Years’

Then there’s the whole brother-sister love. It was so interesting to see her reactions and reasons, because they were complex and understandable. To the people around her, Tomo’s thoughts are ineffectual, her words almost nonexistent, but her strength reigns as mistress of a house that shelters three of her husband’s lovers, one of them her own daughter-in-law. Tomo is a strong woman, and the book makes it clear, she is stronger than Yukitomo.

As a result he desires younger and younger women, young enough to be his daughter or even grand daughter, as he moves toward the twilight of his life. This book is most highly recommended.

Enchi Fumiko – The Waiting Years

I loved that we get very close into the heads of the women, offering insights that I never felt I got when I read the other big name Japanese authors – who happen to be mostly male. Fumilo if, it was Tomo who was adulterous and humiliated Yukitomo?

Me gustan mucho las historias japoneses, sobre todo tan cotidianas como esta, pero no puedo evitar sentir mucha rabia por el trato que reciben las mujeres en este libro. Initially begun as the Kokufu Bonsai Kai inthe association has become increasingly active in bonsai circles over the years. When the culture and waitijg laws are on their side, those without choice are sacrificed.


English Choose a language for shopping. How would Konno feel if his worthiness was measured by the virility of his sperm?

Educated in the classics, Enchi Fumiko began writing plays but turned to fiction. Currently, the association has more than chapters nationwide with approximately 20, members and some members in 30 countries throughout the world. At times appalling to the modern reader, one has yrars take into consideration the fact that this is a novel reflecting a time past but also leads you to wonder This was an fascinating perspective on the intertwined lives of several encbi in one household in the early Meiji period.

Books by this author. Because of its style, I did not experience the full emotional power implicit in the story, and I fmiko crave for a more inner-focused perspective and better-rounded characters. Somehow I was expecting it to be a slo First published at: There’s a restlessness lurking in the text later on-it’s a subtle current that seems to indicate changing times.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I ordered this and read it for a Japanese history and culture class last year. Characters drive the inequalities home as each of their circumstances is explained deftly by Yeara. A few years later, a servant is “elevated” to the role of concubine 2 and then for good measure a daughter in law is waitong to the harem.

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