Endeca MDEX Engine Basic Development Guide Version • March Guide and are familiar with the Endeca terminology and basic concepts. Endeca focused on this e-commerce market first, and developed the Guide and influence customers at each step of their experience to. Endeca MDEX Engine: Basic Development Guide – Oracle Read more about dimension, record, endeca, mdex, query and engine.

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Endeca Commerce: Endeca Basic Concepts

Troubleshooting range filter problems This topic presents some approaches to solving range filter problems. Deploying an EAC application on Windows This would have created a directory structure to store the files required for Endeca. This section refers to the UI reference implementation, which is a sample Web application included with the Endeca Platform Services develompent. The stratify relevance ranking module can be specified in record search options, via the Ntx URL query parameter or the Dwvelopment class.

devellpment Properties of type Time, DateTime, and Duration can be used for: That is, some members defelopment the search interface are wildcard-enabled while the others are not. When a geocode filter is specified, the records are filtered by the distance from the filter key a geocode property to geo-ref the geocode reference point. That is to say, the combination of the symbol character and the punctuation character is treated the same as the punctuation character alone.

Again, the application should make use of standard library components such as java. Create an aggregated record navigation query by using one of the available rollup keys.


XMetaL WebHelp

UI reference implementation overview The Endeca distribution includes a UI reference implementation that deelopment skeleton examples of typical navigation, record, and aggregated record pages and the components that make up these pages. This would initialize the application, you will now be able to see the application in the Endeca IAP Workbench http: You can also use these methods to test whether a dimension is fully implicit that is, if the dimension has no non-implicit refinements and has no descriptors: Code examples in this topic show you how to build and execute a query.

The rollup key used to create the aggregated Endeca record.

Indexing alphanumeric characters Alphanumeric characters are included in all forms. Dependencies exist only between modules that have a parent-child relationship. The following illustration shows bassic Endeca record object for Bottle A: To change this default timeout for all HttpWebRequest objects inside web.

Click the Dynamic Ranking tab. Module Description controller Initiates the primary MDEX Engine query and determines which type of page to render navigation, record, or aggregated record. The Dn parameter takes a single dimension value for a given single-select dimension, and multiple dimension values for a given multiselect dimension.

Each value is a double-precision floating-point value. Examples of Query Matching Interaction Double-click on developmebt Endeca property that you want to configure. Displays a record count and other controls to handle the record set display along with an aggregated record count.

Optionally, it can include an Agraph that manages a number of Dgraphs.

Endeca MDEX Engine: Basic Development Guide – Oracle …

This flag endcea detailed output to standard error describing its execution of the Boolean query. The application modules format the query results and return them to the client browser, via the Web application server.


You can identify the value of this property by accessing the PropertyMap with the DimVal. Refer to one of the following, depending on your platform, for detailed information on the top-level objects, and all of their members: Displaying refinements Displaying dimensions and corresponding dimension values for query refinement is the core concept behind Guided Navigation.

This list will be empty unless the dimension has been specified by the.

Dimensions are the hierarchical, navigable concepts applied to Endeca records. Each refinement configuration will be a RefinementConfig object.

Such a request is implemented with the following query parameter syntax: Generally for display and other logic requiring record values, a single representative record from the aggregated record is used. The browser request query string resides in the HttpRequest object from the System. MDEX Engine architecture and performance. For example, a search for John Smith returns matches against text containing the string John Smith and also against text containing the string Defelopment Smith and John Doe.

Therefore, the developer has all the information necessary to correctly represent aggregated records at the cost of increased complexity.

Oracle Financials Concepts Guide.

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