APPLICATION FOR MONTHLY PENSION. FORM D(EPS). EMPLOYEE’S PENSION SCHEME, (Read INSTRUCTIONS before filling in this Form). 1. EMPLOYEES’ PROVIDENT FUND ORGANIZATION. Pension Claim Form ( Aadhaar). (Form 10 D). (To be used only by Employees/members where complete. EPS is applicable to all members who joined EPF after

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Suppose the original pension is Rs. When husband and wife both were in service and eligible for availing EPS, in case of demise of one of them, whether other spouse gets the EPS share of the deceased partner in addition to the EPS for self? Member is the one who contributes to EPF. Once, the service period crosses 10 years, the withdrawal option ceases. Similarly, the minimum pension entitlement for orphans has been fixed 10x Rs per month.

How to Fill EPS Pension Form 10D to claim EPS Pension

If not then what I have to do to get the second pension? My employers closed the mill.

Sir, My pension application form 10D was rejected by pf office asking scheme certificate. The account number should have the Region Code two alphabetsOffice Code three alphabets code number maximum efp digitsextension sub code, if any, maximum three characters and account number maximum 7 digits. But I got scheme certificate.


How long does it take to get Pension? Sir, I worked at Kolhapur, Maharashtra for 11 yrs epff year The establishment should furnish the certificate and wage particulars duly attested by the authorized officer.

Epr I am 58 yrs and residing at West Bengal. You can withdraw the EPF once you leave the organization after filling Form How can I get the monthly pension.

I am getting reduced pension since after completing 50 years of my age. Should she send again to employer for widow pension? Would like to apply for a pension. What do you want to do Amit?

How to Fill EPS Pension Form 10D to claim EPS Pension

Whenever pension is opted from a place beyond the jurisdiction of the region in which the member was last employed, he should ascertain the name of the designated bank applicable in that Region and open a S. The Government has since Sep implemented minimum pension of Rs. Why are you not going the online way? They had shifted from Hyderabad after her husband retired and lived in a different state. Office may apply, giving his particulars against this column.


Can they both be the same? Warm RegardsSanjay Nair. I retired at Dhule Maharashtra send informaion about bank list where I open account. Company did not contribute pf for last three months july ,aug.

Thank you for taking time out to list the steps. All my documents are misplaced somehow. When a child reaches 25 years of age, the third child below 25 yrs of age will be given pension and so on. She is a senior citizen and not in a position to for.

Comments Good day sir, I worked almost 18 years with a petrochemical plant in Mumbai, Took prematured VRS from the organisation in the year of So 9 years and 6 months will be rounded upto 10 years. Can you tell me why it is showing zero?

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