Provides information to enable POS operators to use the TM-. L90 safely and correctly. TM-L90 Service Manual. Describes maintenance, inspection and repair . EPSON has been taking industryinitiatives with its own POS printer . TM-L90 with Peeler User’s Manual TM-L90 peeler specification safely and correctly. Epson TM-L90 is a label printer for retail printing with receipt and greyscale printing. It also has greyscale for multi-tone printing.

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Confidential Autocutter Either of the following settings can be applied. Remove the cover open lever. Confidential Test Points on the Printer Mechanism Before you replace the main circuit board to see if the printer is repaired, epon need to check the printer mechanism.

Green Power is stable. Remove the three S1 screws and eoson the platen holder. Attach the insulating tape on the new thermal print head assembly, as shown below; then lubricate with G along the surfaces on both ends of msnual head assembly. G G Insulating tape 2. Do not connect cables other than as described in this manual.

BM detector holder When you assemble the BM detector holder, make sure the shield plate fits into place as shown below. Tabs Label paper guide 2.

Epson TM-L90 Series – Epson

Paper Supply Unit The label guide is attached to the label holder and interlocks with the cover unit. BM paper detector circuit board assembly Disassembly and Assembly Rev.

Once the printer is used, do not change the cutting method from partial cut to full cut, because of the difference in the wear rate on the blades between the areas where the paper passes and the paper does not pass, which can result in a paper-cutting problem.

Using Different Paper Widths Be sure to set the paper width with the memory switch to match printing to the print width. Confidential Install with the following steps: Red The paper roll near end or real end is detected. Pull the peeler open lever forward and open the peeler cover. Be sure to set this equipment on a firm, stable, flat surface.


The following table shows problems and solutions to repair the printer. You can use the ruler printed inside the printer, aligning the inside edge of the spacer with the desired measurement.

It forms the nucleus of the control system for the TM-L When mounting or replacing the paper roll, be careful not to touch the manual cutter, because it is sharp and can injure you. The label guide is attached to the label holder and interlocks with the cover unit. First Level Cable Wiring 1. Wear a grounded wrist band when handling the internal circuit boards to prevent damage from static electricity.

Manuql cut completely cut Note: Horizontal Installation Confidential Horizontal Installation Place the printer with the paper exit facing upward. Be sure to hold the two head holder springs while removing spring holder plate.

Remove the fixed blade from the platen holder by raising the blade.

Confidential Install in the reverse sequence of removal. Confidential TM-L90 Service Manual About this Manual Aim of the Manual This manual was created to provide the information on printer maintenance and repair required by technicians who handle this work.

Users may choose between partial cut manuak full cut by adjusting the autocutter unit to the desired position. To adjust the amount of remaining paper.

TM-L90 User’s Manual (14 Languages) – Thermal line Printer – Download – POS – Epson

Install a paper roll. Remove the front frame.

Safety Precautions The connection of a manuall printer interface cable to this printer will invalidate the EMC standards of this device. Remove two S2 screws. Table of Contents Add to my epsn Add. Page 61 Confidential Install using the following steps: Do not use any alcohol based solvents for cleaning.


Page of Go. Page 43 Confidential Install with the following steps: Power switch cover If you want to turn on or off the power switch with the cover attached insert a sharp edged object into the hole in the power switch cover, and remove portion in the above illustration. If you cannot determine the cause of the problem after checking the first item, proceed to the next number. Pull out the lever shaft and remove one E2 type E retaining ring.

When assembling, make sure you insert mannual spacers in the direction shown below.

Epson TM-L90 series Service Manual

Page 81 – Adjusting the Detecting Point of the Rol You must follow warnings carefully to avoid serious bodily injury. Confidential Roll Paper Cover Unit 1. Remove one S4 screw. Got it, continue to print. If you use the cover operation label included in the package, attach it in one of the following locations: Your email address or other details will never be shared with tm-k90 3rd parties and you will receive only the type of content for which you signed up.

Remove the S1 screw.

Epson TM-L90 User Manual

The interface circuit board unit serves as the core of the system that controls data send and receive operations between the Mmanual and host computer. This model effortlessly increases productivity for post offices, pharmacies, supermarkets and other businesses. Slide out the paper feed motor from the hole in the frame L assembly.

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