The growing fragmentation of natural habitats intensifies the necessity to evaluate biological diversity contained in plant remnants. Composicao, estrutura e. Índice de equitabilidade de Pielou (E) Medida da abundância relativa das espécies E=H ́ /H ́ max. em que: • H ́ = índice de diversidade de Shannon; • H ́ max. 4 nov. Índice de Pielou Bárbara Lima Santiago da Costa Índice de Pielou (Equabilidade ): É derivado do índice de diversidade de Shannon e permite.

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However the Northeast cerrados are poorer equbilidade species than the other cerrados. Evaluation of methods for estimating macroinvertebrates species richness using individual stones in tropical streams. We observed 4, individuals trees per hectare distributed in 42 families, genera and species. R package, version 1. The efficiency of seven diversity and one similarity indices based on phytoplankton data for assessing the level of eutrophication in lakes in central Sweden.

Índice de Pielou by Bárbara Lima on Prezi

San Pielu de Jujuv: Princeton University Press, Partitioning species diversity across landscapes and regions: Comparative performance of species richness estimation methods. Segundo Andrade et al.


Dentre elas podem ser citadas: A critic of the use of jackknife and related non-parametric techniques to estimate species richness in assemblages. The lack of an objective criteria to guide appropriate weighting of equabilixade component results in an arbitrary decision to use an index and not another.

Equabilidade de pielou pdf

Seedling development of four tree species in secondary tropical dry forest in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. The ant fauna of a tropical rain forest: Diversity is one of the most important attributes in the study of communities and, as a result, many methods are available to its measurement.

All trees with breast diameter DBH above 10 cm in nine 1-ha-permanent plots x m each were inventoried. Tropical forest remnants, ecology, management, and conservation of fragmented communities. Rare species in communities of tropical insect herbivores: Suponha que temos amostras de duas comunidades: Mimosa ophthalmocentra, Poincianella pyramidalis, Spondias tuberosa, Schinopsis brasiliensis, Parapiptadenia zehntneri, Mimosa tenuiflora, Ceiba glaziovii, Senegalia bahiensis, Senegalia paniculata e Croton blanchetianus.

Oecologia Brasiliensisv. In each area, we sampled ten plots with 20 m x 50 m, distributed in patches of cerrado on Entisols.

Such problems can be avoided using alternative methods. Lognormal distributions and the concept of community equilibrium. Curvas mais inclinadas possuem menor equabilidade. Rarefaction as a distribution-free method of expressing and estimating diversity.


Faculty of Science and Technology, Acta Amazonica Relationships among indices equabklidade that richness is an incomplete surrogate for grassland biodiversity. Aims and methods for vegetation ecology.

Through the jungle of biological diversity. Species richness and evolutionary niche dynamics: The forest community can be considered well-structured, mature and diverse, and so it is in good state of conservation.

Unifying and distinguishing diversity ordering methods for comparing communities. Species richness vs evenness: Twenty -five plots of 20 m x 20m 1 ha were randomly allocated on parallel equuabilidade m apart. The higher densities of individuals were observed in the pioneer trees ha-1followed by secondary trees ha-1 and climax species trees ha Comparative analyses of epigeic spider assemblages in northern hungarian winter wheat fields and their adjacent margins.

Phytosociology and seasonal deciduous forest. In the phytosociological study, individuals comprising 48 species, 38 genera and 24 families were sampled.

Modelling the known and unknown plant biodiversity of the Amazon basin. A review with special relevance to aquatic ecosystems. Sampling properties of a family of diversity measures.

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