Erco Trion indoor uplight 3D Model available on Turbo Squid, the world’s leading provider of digital 3D models for visualization, films, television. The limitadoanimal of light ajustables in the bañador of ceiling Trion permy have adap tar of ex formacta the cone of light to thehis perfi cie of ceiling to iluminar.

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Please contact the consultant team in the following ERCO office: Do you have any questions about our products or services? Recessed spotlights, recessed floodlights, recessed wallwashers.

ERCO individual Project-specific product solutions. The Spherolit lenses with wide or deep beam permit adjustment of the light distribution to suit the relevant lighting task.

The distance of Trion to the ceiling depends on the design criteria, but should not be less than 0. Special features of Trion View product description. These include, for example:. The ceiling washlight that blends discreetly into the architecture is ideal for giving rooms a more prestigious look. Peace Erck VredespaleisThe Hague.


You can contact your regional contact partner via:. Our contents are shown to you in English. Public — light for outdoor facilities, bridges and memorials. Application areas Projects by type of erck.

Indoor – Wall-mounted luminaires – Trion

The outstanding uniformity of the ceiling illumination fulfils the highest demands. ERCO uses cookies to help us give you the best experience when you visit.

You have collected articles in your watchlist. In order to match Trion even more efficiently to your project requirements, further variants are available on request in addition to hrion series configuration. Recessed spotlights, recessed floodlights and recessed wallwashers.

Purveyor to the court of the British royal house. Product range Product categories Products by application area.

33433.000 TRION LED ceiling washlight

For service safety the light limiter can be screw-fastened. Which article are you interested in? Ambient lighting produced by wide beam light distribution.

Shop — light for worlds of shopping. Trion features perfect ceiling washlighting with an archetypal design.


33431.000 TRION LED ceiling washlight

Spotlights, floodlights and wallwashers. Use the watch function of the Product overview to request a quotation for several articles. Features search Specify the technical requirements to tron the right luminaires.

Lighting tool Ceiling washlights. Projects by application area by type of lighting by product category. In rooms with a ceiling height of 3m, this corresponds roughly to the height of the door ervo. Coloured light Coloured light can be used to design and change the surroundings by adding subtle or dramatic contrasts.

Community — light for public buildings. Work — light for office- and administrative buildings.

Wide or deep beam The Spherolit lenses with wide or deep beam permit adjustment of the light distribution to suit the relevant lighting task.

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