Sacred Fate By Eresse – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards , publishing history, genres, and time period. Sacred Fate introduces you to an amazing world from the imagination of fantasy romance author Eressё. Some things are worth fighting for, which both. “Sacred Fate is a captivating and distinctive story of a dual-gendered world. A magical medieval era with fiefs, swords and war steeds The well written plot is.

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However there is a strong happy ending and the fantasy world is rich with detail and possibility. He was so beautifully portrayed in his innocence and simple goodness that sacredd brought me to tears at times and I couldn’t read the words fast enough.

Feb 26, Elisa Rolle added it.

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He pigeonholed himself into his social class and it was evident that if he had been even slightly ambitious, Rohyr would’ve eventually caved and made Lassen his official consort. The social structure and magical abilities were understandable from the first.

At these points, I found myself frequently wanting to skim but realized quickly that the story buries important gems fresse information in the massive quantities of extraneous fact.

Jul 30, And slapped Lassen when Lassen didn’t and thought that Lassen was pregnant with another man’s baby? How do you like your king best? Rohyr is a great ruler, fair, strong and very conscious of h This book simply captivated me. This was me before starting this: The sex scenes were creatively-worded so I wasn’t bored by sxcred shagging.


Mpreg has to be handled just right or it’s some scary stuff. The way it was written reminded me of reading James Clavell’s Shogun. Part of the story is about breaking the conventional bonds that holds each man to his social class, breaking erexse old practices, and being the first to step over that boundary to face ridicule and censure.

Sacred Fate (Chronicles of Ylandre #1) by Eressë

It’s intense because you have to engage your grey matter to get the most out of it. Erotic Literature Fiction Romance. View all 28 comments. I think it is safe to say that this book is not for me. I’m just so glad it’s not egg.

Sacred Fate

And the scheming relatives bored me. There, I said it. It’s cuz they also have penises and balls, so their hips can’t dislocate for delivery or whatever it is female bones do to get out of the way of the birth canal. The very bearing of a child was described to the smallest detail, giving the very notion of how much effort was invested in the concept of the story.

With a blinding smile that was equal parts disbelief and joy, Lassen went into his embrace and laid his head on Rohyr’s shoulder. Long life span and all. I can’t wait for the sequel.

I loved Rohyr too, there was one ‘event’ in which he behaved less than exemplary, that he needed to atone for and atone he did. While I like the characters afte you guessed that yet they can be classified as stereotypes. Yes, from the beginning we are told that Lassen is nothing more than a paramour, but their seemingly impossible relationship was so easily settled at the end of the novel that it all felt pointless to me. Opening the iTunes Store.


So, from the beginning Eresse, in Sacred Fate, is quite upfront with the issue, and she fully and willingly commits the mistake: I also thought the sex was a strange and not particularly erotic, but maybe that was the intersex quality of the MC, which I found to be more interesting than hot.

I quite liked eacred somewhat dub-con elements, in the sense that Lassen is very young at the beginning of the relationship around yrs human equivalent, if you take 35 years as the safe childbearing ageand is not given much choice in becoming the lord’s concubine. Eeesse the King is a push-over and a suck up, bending backwards in order not zacred upset his evil uncle.

This keeps the reader on edge with new elements and possibilities continually opened up but also create a sense of a world only barely described. Amy Um, I sort of made my own. All that aside, this was an endearing and sweet romance. Same goes for the synopsis and query. Sadly, I am only magical in eressd dreams. I felt the reasons given throughout were sufficient to excuse Rohyr from not being perfect. If iTunes doesn’t open, click the iTunes application icon in your Dock or on your Windows desktop.

I love this book! Contains hermaphroditism and explicit homoerotic sexual encounters. I am immediately reminded of all the things I love about this genre.

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