English Turkish online dictionary Tureng, translate words and terms with different pronunciation options. Ergenekon davası sanıkları arasında yer alan emekli Albay Arif Doğan hayatını kaybetti. Vatan gazetesinden İlker Akgüngör, Ergenekon ve Balyoz davaları ile 28 Bunların arasında Amirallere Suikast Davası’nda yargılanan Yarbay.

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The trials resulted in lengthy prison sentences for the majority of the accused. In February the same court accepted an indictment on allegations that 19 Navy personnel planned to assassinate Navy ergemekon. The number of defendants in the “Internet Memorandum” case had risen to Cihaner gave orders for acts of violence that sought to foment chaos in society,” the witness claimed.

The name “wet signature” tr: The Ergenekon trials were a series of high-profile trials which took place in Turkey in which people, including military officers, journalists and opposition lawmakers, all alleged members of Ergenekona suspected secularist clandestine organization, were accused of plotting against the Turkish government.

The court merged the cases of indictments 2 ergenekkn 3.

At the beginning of Ergennekon Istanbul Heavy Penal Court 16 accepted the page indictment relating to 14 suspects, 12 of them in pre-trial detention. As of early there were defendants overall charged in the first case against Ergenekon. The page strong indictment lists eight defendants.

Several people were detained and material mainly CDs and hard disks were confiscated.

Since Istanbul Heavy Penal Court 13 also dsvas demanded to take over the case the Assembly of Chamber at the Court of Cassation had to deal with the case. It has become the name of one of several trials against alleged members of the clandestine organization Ergenekonallegedly planning to overthrow the government of the Justice and Development Party.


Arif Doğan hayatını kaybetti

Retrieved 17 August During the first hearing on the so-called “cage action plan” on 15 June the court rejected the demand to transfer the case to a military court. The trial of 33 serving and retired Turkish military officers opened on 16 Junewith a first hearing at the Istanbul Heavy Penal Court The reading of the 2,page erhenekon lasted until 13 November The court decided to merge the cases.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A secret witness with a disguised voice sitting in a separate room was heard. The indictment has pages [1]. Efe, however, did not specify when the meetings took place.

ergenekon davası

Relating to the accusation in the press that the gendarmerie was in possession of a report on the subject the foundation had opened a case for compensation and on 16 March Ankara Civil Court of First Instance 17 had ruled in favour of the demand.

For three to four months he had been taken from prison to operations and they had received money for each person they killed. Of the 52 defendants from indictment 3 37 were in pre-trial detention.

On 24 Decemberthe Assembly decided that the case related to misuse of authority should continue at Penal Chamber 11 at the Court of Cassation, but the Erzincan file should be sent back to the prosecutor in Erzurum, because he had initiated a case against a first-degree prosecutor without permission of the Ministry of Justice. With the 1,page second indictment another 56 defendants were charged at Istanbul Heavy Penal Court Retrieved 25 April On 5 July the final three suspects under arrest in connection to the “Kafes” Cage Plan were released pending trial.

The first hearing was held on 20 July The investigations had started after hand grenades and munition had been found close to Erzincan.


Ergenekon trials – Wikipedia

The ‘cage plan’ allegedly aimed at destabilising the country by killing members of non-Muslim minorities. This page was last edited on 7 Decemberat Cihaner hoped chaos would reign Erzincan Worldbulletin of 24 May The defence pointed at various discrepancies of the testimony to the initial ergendkon of this witness. The judge at Istanbul Heavy Penal Court 12 rejected applications from defense lawyers that the case be transferred vavas a military court.

The case has a total of 33 suspects who are being charged with membership in an armed terrorist organization and could face prison sentences of between 7.

He asked that they be heard as witnesses. Two of them were charged with “acting in the name of an organization without being a member of it” and only one person was charged as offender and is imprisoned since The European Union declared that it was closely following developments related to the Naval Forces Command plan.

The indictment has pages. In August Istanbul Heavy Penal Court 13 accepted another page indictment against 22 defendants in a case entitled “Internet Memorandum” tr: It turned out that the prosecutor’s office had forgotten to send four files of evidence to the court.

This case was later merged with a case against 52 defendants named in an indictment of 1, pages. The Democratic Turkey Forum has issued the reports in chapters including the chapter on Ergenekon. The Armenian newspaper Agosone of the targets identified in the alleged plan, was accepted as an intervenor.

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