Dialog in the BusinessPhone Communication Platform from . Dialog Professional and the Dialog Executive. In this Ericsson Enterprise AB. View and Download Ericsson Dialog user manual online. System telephone for MD, release BC7-BC Dialog IP Phone pdf manual download. View and Download Ericsson Dialog user manual online. Dialog Telephone pdf manual download.

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Press and dial the answering position number Press Cancel from your own extension Diversion Press Note: Press Dial your own ericdson number and press Or if only one paging call is permitted at the time User Guide Dialog Ringing Signals External ringing signal Recall signal automatic callback reminder Dialog Ringing signals Three different ringing signals inform you about the type of the incoming call. Page ericeson Voice mail or a colleague.

Additional Directory Number Your incoming calls can be answered on any of these telephones by just pressing your dedicated key. Press if you want to erase the stored number The stored number is erased.

Finland and Norway-press Enter the account code and press Dial tone. Dial the digit or digits to get an external line and the external number continued Dialog By default are programmed for English.

Don’t show me this message again. The information in this document is subject to alteration without prior notice. You can also use the procedure below. Page 20 A three party call is established and a warning tone is heard. Ericsson Dialog Professional User Manual pages. The display shows the identity of the computer and the num- ber of messages stored for you. Save External Number To save an external number: All calls can be handled via the headset. If a diverting extension is calling, the middle line shows the diversion information.

External Follow-me You can also use the procedure below.



Erifsson order flexible night service Press and dial the digit or digits to get a line Press and dial external line number Press Cancel Press and dial your own extension number Press Dialog Cancel Press Press The programmed information is erased.

Press before you finish the call Redial Note: If Voice Mail is included in the activated profile, always update your greeting with absence information. Page 64 Authorization code, common optional If you are assigned to use a common authorization code 1 to 7 digits you can temporarily change any used telephone within the exchange to the authority level connected to this code.

Page 89 Handsfree 9 Individual external line 9 Internal calls 8 Last external number redial 9 Save external number 10 Dialog Paging 57 Alarm paging 61 Paging receivers with a display 58 Paging receivers with voice message 60 Paging receivers without a display and Dialog Labels Copy these labels and use the copies for your own labelling.

Complete the form or call us on Program Access 1 Program Dialog Programming of ringing signals You have 6 programmable ringing ericssn on your telephone. Page 36 Leave the old greeting unchanged Re-record the greeting Store the greeting Leave the old greeting unchanged Enter a new code, digits Security code Repeat the new code Only digits are allowed, no star!

Group Facilities Calls to the alternative group can only be answered when there are no calls to your own group.

Ericsson Dialog 3213 User Manual

If there is additional information in the directory for the name being displayed, this is shown under the name, e. Page 9 The second call is put on hold.

To order flexible night service Press and dial the digit or digits to get a line Paging Receivers With Voice Message If your paging receiver has bothway voice connection, press the answer button to speak.

Cancel any single callback Press and dial the extension number Note: If no bothway connection exists, take the appropriate action according to the message or answer the paging in the same way as paging without a voice message. Page 38 Cancel for another extension Press Dial the extension number and press Note: Function key pre-programmed by system administrator.


You can also press PICK see display. Idle telephone When your phone is idle, the upper line shows general information. Busy external line 6 external No. Lift the handset Handset to headset Press the headset key Headset with loudspeaking Press to toggle between headset with or without loud- speaking Headset to handsfree Press Press the headset key Handsfree 32113 headset Press the headset key Dialog The Intrusion function might be blocked for use on your extension programmed by system administrator.

Programming of ringing signal tone character There are 10 different programmable ringing signal tone characters on your telephone, each corresponding to a digit between 0 and 9.

Labels, Dialog 3213 – Ericsson Dialog 3213 User Manual

If the Mute key lamp is turned on when you press the key in idle state, your telephone supports this function. Don’t have an account?

Chapters Table Of Contents This function is only available in newer software versions of your telephone. Page 33 Dial the extension number Press Message waiting optional If assigned this function and your telephone is diverted to an interception computer, a function key programmed by the system administrator will flash when there are messages stored for you in the computer.

In essence, we help businesses forge enduring relationships with customers. Page 57 To answer: Inquiry can only be used for outgoing calls.

Press to answer Notes: Contact your system administrator if you require this function. The erifsson only shows the last 20 characters in a number.

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