ESCRIMA (or Eskrima), also known as Arnis and Kali, is the national sport and martial art of the Philippines. The three names are roughly interchangeable. or following the instructions given within. Since the physical . Eskrima Street Defense offers dozens of practical techniques for dangerous street encounters. OFFICIAL WEAPONS MANUAL No part of this manual may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, Kali is arnis and escrima with a sword, double sword.

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His mother recommended taking self-defense classes taught by a long time family friend, Angel Cabales,at the Stockton Escrima Academy.

The use of kicks in escrima, arnis and kali weapons fighting – FMA Pulse

Because real stick and sword fighting is uncommon today, most practitioners don’t need their techniques to work. A fully transitional system which guides you to the weapon and the real relationship to empty esxrima and Filipino Boxing methods. He asked his father if he could take Judo or Karate lessons.

October 14th, 0 Comments. Over 40 years of experience and development of application … no secrets, excessive techniques, fantasy warrior ego boosting movements, just hard work, logic, realistic and effectives basics.

But if you employ the same technique in Filipino weapons manuzl, you would be in for serious trouble because even the most mediocre of escrimadors know that all he has to do is to meet your kick with the edge or point of his knife to neutralize your attack.

The fact that many FMAs today are non-functional shouldn’t however take away from the outstanding footwork, techniques, and weapon training among them. Just like in other techniques of escrima, arnis and kali, learning kicks should begin with the achievement of proper form. This article will just focus on the use of kicks in Filipino martial arts weapons fighting.

In Filipino weapons fighting, kicks come into play when the high escrjma was closed because the two fighters were in a clinch or within medium range. They usually used the stick in the right hand and punched with the left hand. See escriima stick and sword page for video examples of stick and sword techniques combined with FMA footwork. But uncommon does not equal ineffective. I have observed that in krabi krabong, the kicks were inserted in between the engagements of weapons often at medium range.


Why do I stress basics…. See my self defense training page to find out what needs to be included to keep your training functional. Unfortunately, this is lacking in a great many FMA schools.

In addition to these modern weapons being readily available today, skill in using them also transfers very well to everyday objects, and the empty hand applications can be very effective.

In the case of using kicks, that means your opponent has an extra pair weapons to worry about attacking his low line. Escrima, arnis and kali possess a particular structure and a kick or any other technique will only work effectively if they fit well with that structure.

Weapons create the opportunity for angles and methods of attack that are uncommon in unarmed fighting. October 20th, 0 Comments. They are a means to an end rather than the end in itself. As a result of this missing need combined with cooperative training, many ineffective techniques and drills are common in kali and eskrima.

With these accomplished, you can proceed on inserting kicks when training with your weapons whether solo or with a partner.

Therefore getting out of the way using footwork is of primary importance. In escrima, arnis and kali weapons fighting, every limb is used in addition to the stick or knife that the fighter is wielding.

The same cannot be safely done against a msnual or knife attack and would also be unwise even against a stick.

The unarmed techniques in many FMAs come directly from armed techniques, leading to unexpected and functional applications. While different FMAs specialize in different weapons, many of them include training with blunt and sharp weapons of various lengths, from palm sticks and knives to sticks and swords.

The use of kicks in escrima, arnis and kali weapons fighting By Perry Gil S. Latosa Escrima Concepts is a very open, dynamic and logical martial art fighting system.

The use of the elbow, knee and head were common at close range combat. Training the unique esxrima and weapon techniques of the FMAs will add another dimension to your skills. The Thai martial art of krabi krabong blended weapons fighting and kicking techniques perfectly. Therefore, each section below will detail techniques and training methods for that particular weapon type:.


Like all functional martial arts training, FMA training must include practice against fully resisting, uncooperative opponents that are fighting back. My opinion is based on the fact that in Filipino weapons fighting, the stick or the knife is the primary implement for inflicting damage and everything else is but an auxiliary tool. Because of their locations, it is but logical that hands are used mabual hitting the high line area while the feet are utilized for striking the low line area.

On the pages below, you’ll find functional weapon techniques and training methods that will seriously increase your skill in self defense.

Fighting with and against weapons is substantially different from unarmed fighting. A and travels worldwide for seminars and galas.

Welcome to Escrima Online Academy

Today Grandmaster Latosa is one of the most prominent figures in the Escrima scene. As a young child, Rene first witnessed martial arts during celebrations after the crop season was overcultural events, and hanging around the Filipino Community Center in Stockton, CA. A person can block a punch or a kick using their arm as a shield or cover. If you want to learn to use and defend against weapons, it’s hard to beat the Filipino martial arts commonly known as kali and eskrima. Additionally, cult like followings and superstitions have developed in a number of FMAs see here and here.

Ihre Session ist abgelaufen.

Functional Filipino Martial Arts | Kali & Eskrima

Next is the attainment of the attributes that make a technique work like power, speed, accuracy and timing. The feet were used for kicking at the low level.

The basic principals of the system rests within the concepts of balance, speed timing and distancepower, focus, and transition. Always secrima in mind that within the context of Filipino weapons fighting, kicks are just auxiliary tools used to achieve the following objectives: Unique, Functional Skills Fighting with and against weapons is substantially different majual unarmed fighting.

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