Job Tracking for ArcGIS® (JTX™) is an enterprise workflow management extension that provides an integration framework for ArcGIS multiuser geodatabase. Job Tracking for ArcGIS (JTX), now known as Workflow Manager (JTX), is a software that provides advanced job tracking and workflow. ArcGIS Workflow Manager for Desktop provides several custom steps. The source code for each of these is provided as part of the developer kit. The following.

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For more information, visit www. The extension organizes GIS tasks, such as collaborative projects where parts of a GIS job need to be broken down and performed systematically by a group of people. The following table outlines the process steps and what they can do. The step supports the traditional data workspace and the feature service data workspace.

With the default behavior, the map is panned to the job’s AOI and zoomed by a factor of 1 to the shape’s geometry. CleanUp Cleans up the job based on the arguments. Improve user productivity by automating multiuser tasks and reducing repetitive setup procedures. Do not change any connection information. Once ArcMap has finished loading, the button represented by the ProgID entered is programmatically pushed.

When the child job is set with a feature service data workspace, the parent version can only be sde. Checks to see if the job already has a geodatabase version. VersionExists Checks to see if the job already has a geodatabase version.

The integer output from a tool can be used as a return code to guide the path of the workflow upon the tool’s completion. The data user and connection information will be left as they were originally configured. Seamlessly integrate your GIS and other business applications.


Job Tracking for ArcGIS (JTX) Whitepaper

Organize, standardize, esro streamline project workflows. This works the same as the scenario when a version eesri, except the default version for the data workspace is used for resourcing the layers. Toolbox Path explicit full path to the tbx file combined with toolbox name: ExecuteGPTool Executes a geoprocessing tool, model, or script without displaying the geoprocessing dialog box. The expected behavior of the Launch ArcMap step with no arguments is detailed in the following table.

All layers from the data workspace will be repointed irrespective of whether they are selected for repoint in the job type properties or not.

Workflow Manager Advanced Settings—Help | ArcGIS Desktop

For a single POI, the map will be zoomed to 1: If there isn’t an ArcMap session open, Workflow Manager will open a new one. Basemap layers are not repointed in the map opened by Workflow Manager. The DesktopSteps library contains steps that can be executed only from the desktop because of the pop-up user interfaces. This page was last modified on 9 Julyat Change only the version for job’s data workspace.

Workflow Manager Advanced Settings

Access the capabilities of JTX through jttx easy-to-use Web application on the desktop or in the field server version only. For example, you can execute a geoprocessing service or any other web service as a workflow step. Available with Standard or Advanced license.

The Launch ArcMap step argument editor and the step type Execution tab are shown with the default behavior configured. This means that the user cannot interact with the Workflow Manager application while working in ArcMap. ReturnValue Retrieves the value of the esr property or token passed, which is the return code for the next path in the workflow.


The protection level of the version is specified by one of the following arguments: Toolbox Path explicit path to the tbx file: Save time by completing enterprise GIS tasks while tracking staffing, time schedules, and more. Thus, if you change the extent of the job map and close it, the new extent will not be saved, and the next time, the map will still open with the original dsri.

Easily create and assign work to appropriate resources. The Add Data button on the Workflow Manager toolbar is unavailable. Available with Workflow Manager license. Closes a job as a step, as opposed to it being a manual process once the workflow is completed. With this argument configured, once ArcMap is opened, Workflow Manager opens the task assistant workflow configured.

Database to Send SQL: Displays the job’s extended properties as a pop-up form to allow the user to enter the required properties. Thus, every time you open the job’s map document using this step in the workflow, the last saved map from eeri database is retrieved. This page has been accessed 1, times. EditExtendedProperties Displays the job’s extended properties as a pop-up form to allow the user to enter the required properties.

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