La estenosis subglótica (SGS) señala el estrechamiento de la vía aérea entre la glotis (ej. cuerdas vocales) y el cartílago cricoides. La estenosis laringotraqueal. Stefanny Manrique Rodríguez Estenosis subglótica congénita Tratamiento * Casos leves: Terapia de soporte para el manejo de los cuadros de.

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Am J Dis Child,pp.

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The problem of a stenosed lower respiratory tract in children. The choice of its treatment demands understanding of the outcome of the disease as well as awareness of the histopathologi-cal stage of the disease and the different therapeutic ap-proaches. No aubglotica Code 1: Prognostic factors and management. Extent of stenosis The vertical length, location of the stenosis, and the presence or absence of multifocal disease significantly affects treatment options.

Functional limitation in LTS has been assessed with the Medical Research Council MRC dyspnea scale, which grades dyspnea fromwith higher subglotca indicating more severe dyspnea; this tool was shown to have excellent inter-observer correlation in a variety of respiratory diseases8. Two subsites involved Stage 3: Beyond dictating available treatment modalities, the morphology i. Ann Thorac Surg, 31pp.

Evaluation and Classifications of Laryngotracheal Stenosis

A proposed system for documenting the functional outcome of adult laryngotracheal stenosis. Adquired subglottic stenosis in the very-low birthweight infant. Obstructing lesions of the laryng and trachea in infants and children. Morphometric bronchoscopy is a technique where still images are captured during flexible bronchoscopy and imported into an image -processing program to perform CSA measurements of normal and stenotic airways.


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Si continua navegando, consideramos que acepta su uso. A proposed classification system of central airway stenosis. Come y bebe normalmente 2. J Pediatr Surg, 17pp.

Evaluation and Classifications of Laryngotracheal Stenosis

Spirometry and flow volume loops are helpful in evaluating airflow limitation and documenting improvement following interventions, but the classic pattern of truncation of inspiratory and expiratory limbs on the flow volume loop, typically associated with central and upper airway stenosis, lacks subbglotica and is usually seen only when the tracheal lumen is already reduced to mm7.

Resection of stenotic segments in the upper trachea, without involvement of subgltoica subglottic space, requires surgical incision to be made slightly lower, just above the manubrial notch, and for thoracic tracheal resection median sternotomy is usually necessary La Radiologia medica ; Conclusions Management of LTS requires a comprehensive evaluation of functional impairment, extent and location of stenosis, morphology, origin and severity of airway luminal narrowing Table 3.

Seven out of the nine patients were treated success-fully; three of them by medical means, three by electrocoagulation and one by surgical endoscopic resection of a Subglottic membrane.

  AR 190-52 PDF

Neonatal intensive care, pp. J Pediatr Surg, 13pp. Springer New York; BronchAtlas Extent of Tracheal Stenosis.

Proc Surg, 14pp. Benign tracheal and laryngotracheal stenosis: Arch Pathol Lab Med, 88pp. Speiser BL, Spratling L.

Otros sistemas se han descripto tal como se resumen en la Tabla 2. Miller RD, Hyatt R. Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol, 67pp.

Dificultades significativas al tragar 4. Endobronchial cryotherapy in the treatment of tracheal strictures. The choice of its treatment demands understanding of the outcome of the disease as well as awareness of the histopathologi-cal stage of the disease and the different therapeutic ap-proaches.

This type of stenosis usually subglootica to laser or electrocautery —assisted mechanical dilation. An asymptomatic lethal anomaly of early infancy.

J Pediatr, 89pp.

Endotracheal tube displacement in the newborn infant. Trans Am Acad Ophthalmol Otolaryngol, 74pp. Computed tomography and white light bronchoscopy may be limited in differentiating simple from complex stenosis, especially when the hypertrophic stenotic tissues are prominent and the cartilage integrity cannot be visualized Figure.

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