La endotropia es el tipo de estrabismo más frecuente en retraso psicomotor. La variabilidad de la magnitud de desviación es una característica del estrabismo. 7. Wattiez R, Casanova FH, Cunha RN, Mendonça TS. Correção de estrabismo paralítico por injeção de toxina botulínica. Arq Bras Oftalmol. ;63(1) El estrabismo previo a la extracción de la catarata se observó en 12 casos, ocho con endotropía (ET) y cuatro con exotropía (XT). El estrabismo.

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Souza-Dias C, Goldchmit M. Botulinum toxin for the treatment of strabismus. The paralysed muscle shows histopathological signs of myofibrillar atrophy and its terminal portion suffers demyelination, subsequently undergoing regeneration with the formation of new myoneural connections 8,9. Tang X, Wan X. To study the prevalence, characteristics, indications for and results of strabismus treatment secondary to congenital cataracts.

American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus

Los resultados motores fueron mejores que los sensoriales. For strabismus it is indicated in horizontal deviations under 50PD, acute third and fourth nerve palsy secondary to Graves’ ophthalmopathy, residual or consecutive deviations after strabismus surgery, deviations secondary to retinal detachment surgery, and in patients unfit for general anaesthesia or surgical repair 8,10, BTA is also used to treat spasms of facial muscles, entropion, corneal ulceration, and exposure keratitis 3,4, In group 2, two adults underwent readministration after three months of follow-up, totalling 7 applications.


Esotropia in infants less than 20 weeks old frequently resolves spontaneously, especially when the misalignment is intermittent and small in magnitude. Congenital or infantile esotropia is a convergent non- accommodative persistent ocular deviation of relatively large angle which develops at approximately 6 months of age 1. Most studies on the subject consist of retrospective series using two types of BTA: A propos of cases.

Factors influencing success and dose-effect relation of botulinum A treatment. Ocular misalignment, if detected, is quantified.

The causes of sixth nerve impairment were: How to cite this article.

Estrabismo y cataratas congénitas

Comparison of Botox with a Chinese type A botulinum toxin. The results were probably influenced by the administered dose, the delay in seeking ophthalmic care estrabis,o. Esotropia can also be secondary to other conditions. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. Although the outcomes of surgery are more predictable and stable than BTA, surgery involves cuts, sutures, longer hospital stays, and medical leave from school or work 5,7,8.

The overriding principles are: En 11 casos la catarata fue unilateral y endotrolia 10 bilateral. A double-blind, randomized, crossover study of prosigne versus botox in patients with blepharospasm and hemifacial spasm. Observations on bilateral simultaneous botulinum toxin injection in infantile esotropia.

The effect is also related to the patient’s age. All children and sndotropia adults were subjected to estranismo anaesthesia during administration. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Endottropia License. Strabismus was present before cataract surgery was performed in 12 cases, 8 with esotropia ET and 4 with exotropia XT. Botulinum toxin was injected as the only treatment in 1 patient, strabismus surgery was performed in 4, and strabismus surgery and botulinum toxin were used in another case.


In our study, complications ptosis in The strabismus angle was variable in 6 patients and was not treated. Group 1 included 15 children aged years with comitant esotropia; Group 2 included five adults aged years with sixth nerve palsy or paresis.

The main advantage of BTA over surgery is administration under topical anaesthesia in adult patients or sedation in children, with little risk, lower cost, and no scars.

Strabismus associated with infantile cataracts. The average age at the time of application, in the children group, was 1.

After three months of follow-up, surgery or readministration were indicated to two children whose first application produced little or no effect. Any child suspected of having ocular misalignment should have a thorough examination by a pediatric ophthalmologist.

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OI y bilateral en Int Ophthalmol Clin ; During this period, alignment of the visual axes may occur, allowing binocular vision. The incidence of adverse effects was also evaluated.

In group 1, three children underwent a second application of BTA, totalling 18 applications Table 1. Esotropia is in-turning of one or both eyes endotropla figure 1].

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