Variety Eucheuma denticulatum var. endong Trono & Ganzon-Fortes, Environment. marine. Original description. Not documented. Descriptive notes. Eucheuma denticulatum (Burm.f.) Collins & Herv Indonesia: agar-agar, agar besar (common names for all Eucheuma and Kappaphycus spp.). Fig. 1. Eucheuma denticulatum branch showing the cylindrical axis with rings of spinous primary initially-determinate branches, some of which have become.

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Alvarez, Seaweed farms: Grazing by herbivores, together with problems of pests and ice-ice disease, can reduce the production of K. Agardh, in turn based on earlier species including Fucus spinosus Linnaeus and F. Diploid sporeling of Eucheuma alvarezii about fifteen days old. Turtles are the largest of the macrograzers of concern. The greatest depth recorded is that of Weber-van Bosse26 wucheuma.

The species is commonly known as E. A new approach for U. Cottonii may form erect cane-like forms seasonally in pools or deeper water. These Sabah costs are surely euvheuma nearly maximal than minimal if for no other reason than that they included Table 9 two surrounding sets of nets and devices to control herbivorous fish largely Siganus and Chelonia midasthe green turtle. Unfortunately, the variation in these elements in different commercial lots is not publicly known.

The heterospinous long-spined “poisonous” sea urchins, usually Echinothrix or Diademadneticulatum notorious pests.

Eucheuma denticulatum – Wikipedia

A negative correlation was found between growth rate of K. Relatively low sulfate content and anhydro linkages are found to be related to high gel strengths. Growth rate, carrageenan yield and gel properties of culturedkappa-carrageenan producing red alga Kappaphycus alvarezzi Doty Doty in the subtropical waters of Shikoku, Japan.


Possibly the tolerance of spinosum is greater than that of cottonii and gela-tinae is the least tolerant. The chemical nature of the substratum is of little importance.

Among the species originally included in Eucheuma by J. The algae of Bermuda.

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Furthermore, since the tides are not governed by calendar or solar time, but vary in lunar month siderial time cycles, the formal employment conventional to the developed world is denticulafum appropriate. The lower part of the figure shows a succession of processing steps that may follow depending on control dentidulatum analysis and desired nature of the final product Figure Agardh, has no standing Dixon in view of the priority of Burman’s epithet, a priority acknowledged by Linnaeus himself.

Unless farm site selection has provided these four conditions suitably, and favorable tidal and bottom relationships as well, farm productivity is not satisfactory.

Navy Hydrographic Office, world atlas of sea surface temperature. Isolated, or after a change in environmental conditions, the tips may resume growth and regenerate new thalli of normal size and appearance. Seaweed quality Dry wt.

New Methods on Cultivation of Eucheuma denticulatum and Kappahycus alvarezii in Indonesia

These markets are largely for pre-export-treated material and denticylatum their tonnages do not reveal the total crop harvested. It exists naturally in the Philippinestropical Asia, and the western Pacific, eucheumma but for the commercial extraction of carrageenan it is usually cultivated.


The farming of Eucheuma is not on an annual cycle; it is rather continuous in the same sense as poultry farming. For example, in regard to the space occupied and diffusion as a whole, the Eucheuma thallus is analogous in its relationships to the sea water in the same way the root system of a terrestrial flowering plant is related to the soil water. It is also suggested, however, that spores from tetrasporophytes of E. Burman in and the use of this specific epithet is continued today as E.

For this purpose the seaweed is usually scattered on rock or bamboo surfaces as this obviates sand, soil and trash being added. Secondary attachments are normally formed when an apical cell tuft is held against a surface.

The values are mean microgram atoms per liter from all weekly measurements made over the 55 weeks of a study period. When the farm is small, the artisanal fisherman who has become a Eucheuma farmer can often continue his denticilatum ways of obtaining a livelihood, and it is often his wife who farms the seaweed. July 10, ; Published: A high market demand encourages early harvesting but leads to poor “seed” selection for replanting.

From Doty b 5. Cage culture of Kappaphycus alvarezii var.

S, Eucheuma – current marine agronomy.

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