Eurotherm Part No. HA Issue 7 June 2. A, A Specification Sheet. Specification. Recorder. Environmental performance. Temperature limits. View and Download Eurotherm A user manual online. Paperless graphic recorder. A Voice Recorder pdf manual download. Also for: a. View and Download Eurotherm A user manual online. and mm Paperless graphic recorder. A Voice Recorder pdf manual download. Also for.

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The type of thermocouple the same for all channels must be specified at time of order. Ensure that one or more user screens is enabled in views Configuration section 7. This manual also for: As can be seen there are two sets of ‘controls’ viz the internet links and the instrument access tabs.

The Event Button configuration menu allows a number of ‘Push-Buttons’ to be set up for use as event sources. The shape, drawn in the specified foreground colour, with the specified line width, can be filled with the specified background colour. Open K e y Folder More than 12 points can be included in the group, but only the first 12 traces and their associated faceplates are included in the real-time display. The selections and their definitions are shown in table 4.

Security Revi- sion is printed on the ‘chart’ at power up, and if either of the Auditor options or if the Batch option is fitted, Security Revision is included in the messages associated with these options. The colour of Text and of numeric values.

Input board pinouts 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 Channels Channels Channels Channels Channels Channels 1, 7, 13, 19, 25, 2, 8, 14, 20, 26, 3, 9, 15, 21, 27, 4, 10, 16, 22, 28, 5, 11, 17, 23, 29, For direct connection between a PC and the recorder, a crossover cable is required. An ‘S’ symbol is displayed at the top of the screen whilst the recorder is in sales demo mode.


The fourth level – Service – is available only to service engineers. As described in section 4.

The following rules apply: Operator Event active when: Function code 10 1 byte Register Start address 2 bytes Word count Total number of registers to be written 1 to decimal; Four Estimated mechanical life 30, operations Update rate Maximum Minimum Block size Engineer, Operator and Logged out. The Total requests and Bad requests totals both exclude retries. Above this value, the material will oxidise, below it, no oxidisa- tion will occur. Four Estimated mechanical life 30, operations Update rate Got it, continue to print.

The option comes complete with pressure trans- ducer, insertion tubes and miniature plugs for type T thermocouples. Group configuration allows the user to define the following: This descrip- tion is in the form: This job can be used eurofherm synchronise a number of recorders as follows: Option wiring sheet 2 Serial communications. For the sake of completeness, the figure below shows all possible fields, even though some are actually mutually exclusive e. The messages must be contiguous – e. The required source group is selected by picklist.

The recorder operating software to be upgraded by reading a file from Compact Flash, SD card or other local or remote source.

The archiving functions described below can also be initiated by job action – see section 4.

Eurotherm 6100A User Manual

In such cases, the supply voltage part of the wiring diagrams is replaced with that shown in figure Network, Options and Access, 6. The Style, Point and Line feed settings described below apply only to printed outputs eurothegm have no effect when presented on the ‘chart’ or in the message log.

Pressure varies with height as indicated in table 4. This does not affect the ‘chart’ grid divisions, which is set up as a part of Group con- figuration section 4. Portable case options are available only for the small frame recorder. If the field is enabled it allows the user to change the con- figuration of the recorder according to the other permissions set for the loginproviding the security management system ‘Require Authorization’ is not enabled.


Alternatively, Alarm summary can be selected from the Alarm, Message and Media menu, but in this case, the user must select an alarm summary group from a pop-up Goto Group menu. See also section 2. If the text is too long for the width of the button, the text is truncated e.

Span B Group Switches all the points in the selected group to their individual spans and zones B, for as long as the job is active. Channel Number 1 Channel 1 Select channel number All the ASCII characters listed can be used as Start or End-of-message characters, but only characters with decimal codes 32 to can be used in messages, as decimal codes 0 to 31 are replaced by Question marks in messages.


For this reason, the recorder manufacturer takes no responsi- bility for the accuracy of the results obtained using the mass flow equations implemented in the maths pack.

These codes provide error information relating to failed requests. The other end of eurothetm cable may be terminated, for example, at a hub, a dial-up router or a PC, and it is up to the user to obtain a suitable cable normally available from a computer supplier or elec- tronic component distributor.

Touch the blank Password area to call the keyboard display see figure 3.

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