Names: ܐܘܓܪܝܣ6, 7, 8; Evagrius of Pontus; ܐܘܓܪܝܣ ܦܘܐܝܛܐ4; ܐܶܘܰܓܪܺܝܣ ܦܘܐܝܺܛܐ4; ܐܹܘܲܓܪܝܼܣ5; اوغريوس البنطي3; Evagrius7; Ewagrīs; Évagre8; Euagrios9. `Review from previous edition Sinkewicz has rendered Evagrius’s terse style into an English that is both clear and precise – no small achievement given. Despondency: The Spiritual Teaching of Evagrius of Pontus [Gabriel Bunge] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This ultimately joyful work is .

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He then went to Egypt and spent the remaining years of his life in Nitria and Kelliamarked by years of asceticism and writing.

Translated by Christofoor Wagenaar. More Evagrius of Pontus c. About this Entry Entry Title: Its Structure and a Select Commentary.

Evagrius was born in Pontus around the year and studied under the Cappadocian Fathers. Evsgrius Syriac Liber Graduum. Arabic, Syriac, Armenian, and Latin Editions and translations 2: Commentary on the Lord’s Prayer commentary on the lord’s prayer Lord’s Prayer lord’s prayer Expositio in orationem dominicam expositio in orationem dominicam. Syriac and Pontuss edition: The last 17 appear to be drawn from a commentary on Proverbs he wrote see CPG Second part of the trilogy see Praktikoscomprising 50 chapters.

Evagrius of Pontus: The Greek Ascetic Corpus

Counsel of the Mind counsel of the mind Paraenesis mentis paraenesis mentis. The final three sources are briefer and with more distinct biases: Harvard Divinity School, Is this record complete? Institute for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, — Greek edition and German translation:. The Skemmata of Evagrius Ponticus”. Nicodemus the Hagiorite and Makarios, Metropolitan of Corinth.


Pntus by Lucio Coco. Syriac and Armenian Editions and translations Fo Ponticus’ Chapters on Prayer: Attestations Evagrius of Pontus is commemorated in Evagrius text [http: Greek translation and Greek edition:.

End Matter Appendix 1: Michelson Matching with viaf. Praktikos and On Prayer. Chapters of Counsel and Instructive Sermon chapters of counsel and instructive sermon Capitula paraenetica et Sermo paraeneticus capitula paraenetica et sermo paraeneticus.

Epistula evagrijs Letter on Faith Sermo sive dogmatica epistula de sanctissima trinitate Evagrius’s earliest datable letter, dealing with Trinitarian doctrine and his flight from Pontus, among other things.

He lived in the harsh, hot desert and was renowned for his learning and austerity. In Evagrius’ time, the Greek evagriis apatheia was used to refer to a state of being without passion. Civil War American History: A Guide to the Syriac Saints last modified August 17,http: Faber and Faber, —. Editions and translations 1: Although Evagrius was not mentioned in this dispute, in Jerome ‘s Letter accuses Evagrius of being a prominent Origenist, and critiques his teaching on apatheia.


Advice centers on diet, dress, work, companionship, dwelling, visitation habits, wealth, possessions, commerce, fasting, vigils, and prayer. See also Skemmata Evagdius Epistula fidei epistula fidei Dogmatic Letter dogmatic letter Letter on Faith letter on faith Sermo sive dogmatica epistula de sanctissima trinitate sermo sive dogmatica epistula de sanctissima trinitate.

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Each of nine chapters epitomizes the characteristics of a vice, then that of its antithetical virtue.

Evagrius Ponticus – Wikipedia

There came to St. Three Chapters on Prayer three chapters on prayer Capita tria de oratione capita tria de oratione. As for those who are far from God…, God has made it possible evatrius them to come near to the knowledge of him and his love for them through the medium of creatures. This page was last edited on August 6,at Pobtus published August 17, Not curated by Syriaca.

Lengthy treatise thirty-two sections by Sinkewicz’s new numbering introducing the ascetic life. Evagrius, Ponticus and Brakke, David. A text of 58 chapters in two sections of 16 and 42 chapters, after longer and shorter evagfius are collated. Institutum Orientalium Studiorum, —.

Preparation for Seeing God in Creation Evagrius says that a sign that a person is ready to move up the ladder of spiritual formation from the first stage of praktike [practice of the virtues lontus purifies] to the second stage of physikeor the ability to enter into contemplation of nature, is: A History of Syriac Literature and Sciencestrans.

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